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Personal Exercise program

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Personal Exercise Program: Weekly Schedule: Exercise Name: Week 1 Week 2 Week 3 Week 4 Week 5 Week 6 Sundays: Sit ups 4x20 4x20 5x30 5x30 5x30 5x35 Mondays: Push ups 3x10 3x10 3x10 3x10 3x15 3x15 Tuesdays: Bicep curls (3kg) 5x20 6x20 5x30 5x40 5x50 6x50 Wednesdays: Pull ups 4x5 4x5 4x5 5x5 5x10 4x10 Thursdays: Skipping Nonstop 5 mins Nonstop 5 mins Nonstop 5 mins Nonstop 5 mins Nonstop 10 mins Nonstop 10 mins Fridays 3km jog Friday Friday Friday Friday Friday Friday My Jogging route Week 1 Sunday 1st Feb At six o'clock this evening I started my first day of week 1 of my P.E.P with four sets of 20 sit ups. I took 3 minute intervals in between each set. Monday At six o'clock today I did three sets of 10 push ups taking 2 minute intervals in between each set. I did this to improve my overall shoulder and arm strength so that when I'm swimming, my strokes will be much stronger and I will take less strokes per length of the pool. ...read more.


Friday Today before lunch I went for a 3 kilometer jog around Sar (the area that I live).I chose to run because it was too cold to go swimming this afternoon and I needed to improve my cardiovascular fitness some other way. I made sure that I stretched before I started running here are some of the lower body stretches I did: Here are some of the upper body stretches I did: Week 2 Sunday 8th Feb Today I did my 4 sets of 20 sit ups. I had taken 3 minute intervals in between each set just like last time. Monday This afternoon, when I got home from school I did my three sets of 10 push ups but this time I took one minute intervals because I thought that two minutes was too long. Tuesday Today I did 6 sets of twenty bicep curls with the same 3 kilogram weights as last week . I increased the intensity from the FITT principals to make it more intense making my muscles work harder. ...read more.


Week 3 Sunday 15th Feb I decided to increase the Frequency and intensity of my sit ups to five sets of thirty so I could increase the amount of hypertrophy taking place in my core muscles so that when swimming, I could have a stronger stroke. Monday Today I did my 3 sets of 10 push ups with one minute intervals. Tuesday Today before rugby, I thought that I would increase the intensity of my bicep curls but lower the number of sets so I did 5 sets of thirty with 3 minute intervals in between each one. At rugby practice we did more fitness training. We did pyramid runs which was meant to increase our muscular endurance. Wednesday I went to the gym and I found it hard to do all five sets of ten pull ups but I managed to do them all but I had to give myself an extra minute interval. After the 3rd and 4th set. Thursday Today I skipped for 5 minutes nonstop without tripping. Friday The weather is starting to warm up just a little bit, in a few weeks time I think I might have to start swimming my time today was 13minutes and 4 seconds. ...read more.

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