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The definition of health related fitness is health related fitness relates to those components of health status.Our health status is: -

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Name: Kieran Blackwell Assignment Name: Health Related Fitness Tutor: Deb Hearn The definition of health related fitness is health related fitness relates to those components of health status. Our health status is: - Strength. Muscular endurance, Aerobic endurance, Flexibility and Body composition. Now I am going to explain their purpose and importance in relation to the five components of fitness. 1. Aerobic Endurance 2. Muscular Endurance 3. Body Composition 4. Flexibility 5. Strength Aerobic Endurance Aerobic Endurance is the body's ability to exercise whole muscle groups over an extended period of time at moderate intensity, utilizing aerobic energy. Your aerobic system uses oxygen to break down carbohydrates and convert them into lasting energy. Since it's a prolonged need, fats and proteins are also broken down, making aerobic workouts ideal for fat loss. ...read more.


There are benefits if you have a good level of strength such as good posture, making everyday tasks, help avoid certain types of injuries and helps with co ordination. The two contrasting sports I have chosen for this part and these assignments are: - 1. Marathon 2. 100 Metre sprinter When you are a marathon runner you will need to have a low of body composition because when you are doing a marathon it would be to hard for you if u had a lot of body composition, and if you had a lot of weight running a marathon u would be carrying a lot of excess weight around with you and this will equal you get exhausted very quick. That's why when you watch for example "The London Marathon" all of the runners are all very skinny. ...read more.


So a 100 metre Sprinter will have to have a good muscular endurance level because they will need to be getting all the blood pumping into there legs as they will need to run as fast as there legs can move. They will need to have some flexibility as they will need to be able to jump up as fast as the can out of the blocks when the gun goes off to start the race. They will need aerobic endurance, as they will us less oxygen when they race begins, as they will be putting everything into the sprint as they can. There body composition will be different to a marathon runner because they will be a bigger size as there muscles will be bigger as they will need to have as much strength and power as they can. ...read more.

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