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Christian Life

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Christian Life J esus Christ is a monument of strength. He is a symbol that inspires many and sets an example to follow. He suffered at the hands of a whole race, yet stood up, and died for, what he knew was right. "By this we know love, that he laid down His life for us. And we ought to lay down our lives for the brethren." (John's Gospel) Many people have followed His example and in doing so have become modern day disciples. Perhaps one of the most famous martyrs of the 20th Century has been Martin Luther King whose life became a sacrifice as he dies for his cause. A disciple is someone who is a follower or a pupil and Martin Luther King was a follower of Jesus and His teachings. ...read more.


Martin Luther King lived and died a disciple of Jesus and perhaps Jesus' example helped Martin to be calm during the time of the Civil Rights Movement and all the trials he faced. Martin was obviously an active member of the Baptist Church. He sought justice yet refused violence. He used the power of love, righteousness and speech instead to spread the teachings of Jesus, perhaps with more effect than he could have using violence. He knew he would be killed but still refused to hate his enemies, who openly professed their hatred for King and all that he stood for (Chiefly the Ku - Klux - Klan, who were anti black and wanted him dead.) He taught people to love their enemies that was both courageous and similar to Jesus. ...read more.


Protestants say that Mary did not remain a virgin after Jesus was born. However, they both agree that her body was taken up to Heaven after she died, The Assumption. Jesus is often described as Redeemer because He saved mankind from sin. People have differing views on this event. Fundamentalist Christians believe that the event of the resurrection to be just as it is told in the Bible. Roman Catholics believe that Jesus was altered into an immortal, new, human form. Liberal Christians believe that only Jesus' spirit rose from the tomb and His body remained. Different sectors of the Christian faith argue about the Resurrection but the creed sets down the guideline and allows people to read the line and draw their own conclusion. However, all sectors of the Christian Church accept one another and the universal nature of the Church encapsulates this accepting characteristic of faith. ...read more.

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