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Divorce - a formal and legal ending of a marriage

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Courswork 2 Divorce is a formal and legal ending of a marriage. When couples decide to marry they are making a life long commitment and hope that their marriage will last for life. Marital breakdown is another factor in the life of a married couple, and there can be many reasons for a break up between married couples but all reasons lead to pain and difficulty, this is why couples are encouraged to strengthen their relationships all the time The reasons for a break up in a marriage are numerous they mostly have to do with financial stability as most couples find this an important issue in life. Some reasons can be pretty straight forward like a lack of communication or a lack of companionship which are equally important. ...read more.


All these reasons lead up to the final part of marital breakdown Divorce. The Catholic Church does not see divorce as a feasible excuse for a couple to break up as it is a valid contract between two baptized Christians and is regarded as a sacrament. The Catholic Church states divorce is a legal break up of a marriage leaving either partner free to marry again, though the Roman Catholic Church does not recognize divorce for the following reasons, * Christ insisted that the original intention for marriage in the plan of God and that it should be indissoluble. * People who divorce are breaking a natural law, for the two people made a contract in the eyes of God, and vowed to be with each other to death do they part. ...read more.


Annulment and Separation are the red herrings of marital breakdown as they are only granted in special situations. Annulment In the exceptional case of an annulment the church classifies the marriage as unofficial and therefore not legal, there are 12 grounds on which an annulment can be granted these include * One of the partners not consenting to the marriage in the first place * One spouse not understanding the implications of what they were doing when they married * The marriage not being consummated - no sexual act took place. Separation though this may be the most painful, but necessary answer to a marriage that has become unfeasible. This can lead to a civil divorce without any blame being dealt to either partner. In this way certain legal rights, the care of the children and any inheritance can be protected. ...read more.

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