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Good vs Evil

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Good & Evil Coursework Part A Describe what the followers of Christianity may believe about the power of good and the power of evil All Christians believe that there is one God who has revealed himself in three ways, the father, the son and the Holy Spirit; we refer to these as the Trinity. The Christian belief teaches that God is all powerful, omnipotent, all loving, omnibenevolent and all knowing, omniscient. 'No one is good except God alone.'1 This causes a problem because if God is all loving then he would not want evil to be in the world so therefore he must not know about it or must not be able to get rid of it but this would mean that he is not all powerful or all knowing. ...read more.


'The source of evil is human and angelic free choice.'2 The story of Adam and Eve clearly portrays the misuse of free will when they use their free will to disobey Gods rules. The Irenaean theodity is different to the one provided by Augustine as he believed that God did create evil. Irenaeas believed that evil is necessary for humans to develop and so that they can have free will. This belief is based on all humans needing to experience evil to learn from it and better themselves, for example, 'People who have been through a terrible disease sometimes say that they actually gained a great deal from it.'3 This is a great example of how bad or evil things can help us to learn and better ourselves. ...read more.


As the devil is supposed to be a fallen angel should mean it has free will, which explains why God would be unable to stop evil. Other Christians believe that, 'The Devil is just a symbol' But some of those that do believe in a Devil believe that he is the root of all evil. This would give a perfect explanation to the problem of evil, as it would mean that God did not create evil. It also explains the reason for the inconsistencies in evil and clarifies the cause of both moral and natural evil. This belief is also easy to justify as in the bible we read of Jesus' temptations from the devil (Mathew 4:1, 5, 6, 11). 1 Mark 10:18, Bible 2 Thinkers Guide to Evil, P.Vardy, P52 3 The Problem of evil, Stephen Law, P19 4 Thinkers Guide to Evil, P.Vardy, P73 ...read more.

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