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It is important for Muslims to believe in miracles

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?It is important for Muslims to believe in miracles?. What the statement is saying is that miracles are important to Muslims and that they should believe in them. Many will probably cite the revelation of the Qu?ran to Muhammad as the greatest miracle according to Muslims. The faith would not exist if this had not happened. The Qu?ran is the basis of the faith and the role that Muhammad played in this is very important. ...read more.


Candidates may use the importance of The Ascent or Night Journey to Jerusalem to argue why it is important to believe in the miracles of Allah. Many believe Allah intervenes continually. The creation of the world is regarded as a great miracle and reflects the power and omniscience of Allah and hence importance of Muslims to be caliphs. Some Muslims may argue against the importance to believe in miracles because when people asked Muhammad for proof of Allah, Muhammad refused and said he could not perform miracles. ...read more.


Submitting ones will to the will of Allah is far more important than arguing whether miracles are real or not. Some may argue that miracles are very important, especially the revelation of the Qu?ran to Muhammad but there are other things that are equally important. Some may argue that because miracles can?t be proved they are not relevant. Others may deny any real evidence to prove miracles happen and so are dismissive of them. Some may argue from an atheistic point of view that there is no God and so miracles are impossible ...read more.

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