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Crude Oil - Uses, Shortages and Alternatives.

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´╗┐CRUDE OIL What is crude oil used for? Crude oil is fractionally distilled to be used as other useful fuels to make cosmetics and plastics and much more. This is done my fractional distillation which is where the crude oil is heated to make it evaporate it then cools down which causes it to condense and then it can be used as more useful fuels. Crude oil is used to make allot of different things here are just a few: Petrol - for fuelling cars/ motor vehicles etc. And to operate machinery. Fertilisers/Pesticides- Heating oil- Used to heat houses. http://www.hpa.org.uk/web/HPAwebFile/HPAweb_C/1194947327894 http://wanttoknowit.com/uses-of-crude-oil/ http://chemistry.tutorvista.com/biochemistry/industrial-chemicala-petrochemicals.html Alternative Fuels The main fuels that are used around the world are oil, petrol, gas and coal. An alternative fuel is a fuel that doesn?t use any of these fuels. A few examples of alternative fuels could be biodiesel, LPG, Natural gas and Fuel cell. Biodiesel is produced from the oil of crops such as waste oils from cooking and rapeseed. This fuel uses a major reduction of carbon emissions compared to other fuels. ...read more.


The main materials used that produce the bio plastic are wheat, sugar, corn, beets, sugar and other plants and also vegetable oils. This was invented around the mid-1980s. Out of the energy that is used by producing a petroleum based product only 65% of it is used when making bio plastic products so when making these we would save 35% of the energy that is now wasted on making traditional petroleum products. So when we look at the annual plastic products used in just Europe which weights no less than 50 million tonnes we can now see the dramatic change of the less amount of energy we would use if we just made Bio plastic products and scrapped petroleum products. http://www.uk-energy-saving.com/alternative_fuel.html http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Hemp http://www.articlesnatch.com/Article/Bioplastic---An-Alternative-To-Petroleum-based-Plastic/601346 When Will We Run Out Of Crude Oil There are many opinions and view of when crude oil will actually run out ranging from not long from now to many years away and some saying that it will never run out. One opinion is that Crude oil will never run out because they believe that there is all the oil in the ground that we ...read more.


My Opinion/Conclution I think that one day crude oil will run out but it won?t be for a very long time because I agree with the theory that when we start to run out of crude oil the price of it will shoot through the roof and become too expensive for many people so people will find alternatives like bio diesel instead of using diesel but I do believe that when this happens some people will still use it and then eventually but very slowly It will run out. And I also disagree with people that say it will run out in around 40 years because some people that say this only based on how much of the oil we have in are reserves, when I believe there is all the oil that we haven?t found yet and that as technology advances we will find much more so I don?t agree with statements that use that theory of just using how much we have left in the reserves. Also that using alternatives to crude oil is the best thing to do because most of the time the alternatives are much better for the environment and that it will prevent crude oil from running out for even longer. ...read more.

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