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Physics Case Study

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Physics Course Work: Investigating Stopping Distances of a Car


I am going to try and find out some information about how the stopping distance of a car, caused by the speed of the car before it begins to stop. To do this I am going to roll a marble down a wooden ramp onto some carpet from different heights and making the marble hit the carpet at different angles.

I came to the conclusion that using a marble is the best

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4th Time




5th Time





As you can see the marble had the least range between the rolls so it was the most reliable test. I decided to do the experiment on the carpet because I tried all three balls on the bare floor, the carpet, the yard and

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Now I have chosen which ball and surface I am going to use for my investigation I am going to carry it out. To do this I am going to roll a marble down my wooden ramp from different heights to find out how the speed of a car effects the stopping distance by seeing how much kinetic energy the ball loses once it has converted its gravitational potential energy.  


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This student written piece of work is one of many that can be found in our GCSE Forces and Motion section.

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