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The Unsung Heroes

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The Unsung Heroes "Launch the beacon." Again another beep, flowed by the sound of the beacon launching. Chris had on last look at the Crab nebular, smiled and then turned his ship into the dark of space. Even from this distance he could see the slight glow of the Crystals. "Ship lock on to the Omega crystals." "Acknowledged." Said the ship. "It's now or never boys." "Alpha 2 ready." "Alpha 3 locked on. We are waiting on you, alpha 1." Said Steven. "It's been nice knowing you ladies." "Guest I'll never get that beer after all Steve. Alpha 2 ready." Said Nick. Chris closed his eyes and thought of earth, his family... his wife. "This is for you Sarah." A tear rolled down his eye. "Lets move!" He reached for the throttle stick and pulled. The bombers spread off into the darkness. The day was coming to an end. To the west as the Santos star descended from the sky, it glowed Red, setting the sky alight with an orangey fire, lightly topped with a shimmering yellow. The east was swallowed by the darkness of space, only to be broken by thousands of stars surrounding the Crab Nebular slowly creeping up from the horizon. Though it only looked like a smudge in the sky, it was still a breath taking sight. There was a large mountain range to the north, on top of which stood the twin moons of this unnamed cold, dessert planet. ...read more.


Once completed it would be able to take out most of the capital ships in the sector, which would be the turning point in this war, from which the humans could not likely recover. The Omega crystal was most destructive molecule ever constructed and was so unstable that it had to be kept at -120^0C. It had the power to destroy a planet within minutes. In theory, if it were to be warmed above -25 degrees it would explode so violently that it would cause a temporary black hole which collapse within a fraction off a second. But this would be enough to take out an entire system of planet. The Shivan had been expecting them and as so as they came through the jump gate they exploded bombs around the gate taking out most of the fighters including Alpha 5-Sarah Thomson. The surviving bomber launched EMP bombs to block the Shivan radar as they escaped to a near by planet. The remaining fighters were humanities last hope. "Chris we're picking up heat signatures from space. We have to leave now!" said Steven. "No send, Gamma wing first. Tell them to go through the jump gate and try to warn the Alliance. Hopeful the fighters will follow them which will gives us a chance to take out the crystals." Replied Chris. Nick went off to tell the others while Chris and Steven got ready. ...read more.


Two fighters had broken off the attack and were going after the bomb. Chris turned to stop them, but one off them rammed the bomb, causing it to explode four second before impact! The shockwave from the bomb obliterated the fighters the two fighters. "Ship what's the temperature of the crystals" asked Chris. "Temperature is minus sixty eight degrees," said the ship. "Dame it we were so close, Chris I'm going down, I'm going down Chris, AL-...." Steven's ship exploded. Chris was now alone. Four fighters started two move towards Chris's. There was only one thing left to do. Chris powered up his engines. "Acknowledged." Said the ship. "Thrusters at 130%, shields at 25%. Weapons at 12%." Chris pulled on the throttle stick and the ship propelled forwards. The fighters began to fire on Chris "Shield are down to 15% impact in ten seconds, shields are down, structural integrity is down to 30%. Impact in five, four..." "I'm coming Sarah!!!" "Two, one," the ship struck the crystals. The impact caused the temperature of the crystals to drop to minus fourteen degrees. The explosion was immensely powerful, but there was no sound. It created a black hole about two hundred million km across. It absorbed everything before collapsing. And then there was nothing. Chris Thomson and his friends died to save billions of lives. No one will know every of this sacrifice. He died for something that he believed in, he died as his friends, as an unsung hero. ...read more.

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