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To Plan and perform an investigation to show how the strength of magnetism in an electromagnet is affected by the number of coils.

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Antony Jones Electromagnetism coursework Aim To Plan and perform an investigation to show how the strength of magnetism in an electromagnet is affected by the number of coils Prediction I predict that the more coils of wire that go around the wire, the greater the electromagnetic will be. This is because the coils going around the wire makes a small amount of electromagnetism so if there is more coils the strength of the electromagnetism will be much stronger. Scientific Knowledge putting electric current along a wire creates a magnetic field around the wire. The more coils used in the electromagnet, the stronger the magnet is. If there is one coil, and another is added, then the two coils have twice the strength of one. ...read more.


Variables and Fair Test Problem How it will affect our experiment How we will solve it. Top pan balances The top pan balance could e slightly out Use the same top pan balance Spilling iron filings If iron filings are missed or dropped the results wont be accurate Be careful in carrying nail to top pan balance Number of coils If there is less or more coils than there should be then the results would be wrong because the electromagnet would be stronger Count the coils 2 times Range We cannot rely on 1 set of results because of all of theses problems So I will do the experiment 3 times for each concentration. Results Coils 1stexperiment (g) 2ndexperiment (g) Average (g) 20 2.08 2.18 2.13 30 2.65 2.70 2.68 40 4.54 4.48 4.51 50 6.65 6.52 6.59 60 7.27 7.24 7.26 70 8.40 8.34 ...read more.


same gradient, between 50 and 60 coils the line Flattens out, between 60 and 70 coils the line flattens out again to the same gradient as between 50 and 60 coils. Between 70 and 80 coils the line it at its steepest. Evaluation Our experiment when quite well we ended up with some good results, this is because we used the same amount Equipment and tried not to spill and iron fillings we had one result that was not accurate at 20 coils on the second experiment this may be because we put the nail in the filings to far, also the reading on the ammeter was flicking up and down slightly so this could have affected all my results. . I could have improved my experiment by making sure we done all the experiments in 1 day and with the same equipment and ammeter. ...read more.

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