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Respiratory System Investigation Design Lab

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Respiratory System Investigation Design Lab Problem: How does the salinity level of water affect the rate of gas exchange for aquatic organisms like algae? Variables: Controlled: * Mass of algae * Volume of water * Room temperature * Humidity/air pressure Dependant: * Rate of gas exchange per minute Independent: * Salinity of the water Materials: - 3 beakers of 100mL in capacity or more - algae - graduated cylinder - distilled water - table salt - paper towel - glass stirring rod ...read more.


Place a piece of paper towel onto of the balance and press the tare button. Then measure out the indicated amount (between 0 - 20g) of table salt. 4. Record the measured mass and then pour the salt into the beaker filled with 100mL of water. 5. Using a stirring rod, stir the water until all of the salt dissolves. FIX HERE 6. ...read more.


8. Remove the respirometer and record the results. Also, record the changes in the appearance and state of the algae if any, in the qualitative chart. 9. Repeat the entire procedure for two more trials. 10. Take the average result of the three trials. Record the averages from each of the groups from the class. Plot the data onto the graph provided in figure 1. Qualitative Observations Group's Qualitative Observations Mass of salt Trial # Rate of Respiration 1 2 3 Average: Class Results Mass of salt Average Rate of Respiration 0g 5g 10g 15g 20g ?? ?? ?? ?? ...read more.

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