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I.B Internal Assessment- History- Assess the aims and impact of the Black Panthers between 1966 and the 1970s.

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I.B Internal Assessment Assess the aims and impact of the Black Panthers between 1966 and the 1970s. Sanjika S. Mrs. McGill CHA 3U4 Thursday December 22nd Final Word Count: 1580 Contents A. Plan of Investigation B. Summary of Evidence C. Evaluation of Sources D. Analysis E. Conclusion F. List of Sources A. Plan of Investigation This investigation answers to the question "Assess the aims and impacts of the Black Panthers between 1966 and the 1970s." To assess the aims and the impacts of the Black Panthers between 1966 and 1970s, this investigation will focus on the aims of the Black Panthers and the impact of that aim. The aims of the Black Panthers during the time period was to end white dominance in a social environment, the need for freedom and the right to determine one's destiny in a Black community; and organizing programs to meet the needs of the Black community. Several sources have been researched and the findings will be presented thought the investigation. Earl's and Major's sources have been selected for evaluation and their importance in this investigation will be analysed. Word Count: 133 B. Summary of Evidence 1. Background The Black Panther Party was founded October 15th 1966 by Bobby Seale and Huey Newton1. Originally starting out as a group of street thugs, by the late 1960s the Black Panthers had become the most influential group in the United States2. ...read more.


The value of this book is that it provides and eye witness account of all the conditions leading to the formation of the Black Panther Party. However, a limitation is that it was published in 1971, only five years after the formation of the Party and does not have information after 1971. Another limitation is that it is a very pro-biased view and because of the publication date it does not have the knowledge gained from hindsight. Word Count: 276 D. Analysis After the death of Malcolm X, the Black Panther Party was the most influential and effective leadership role in the Black communities18. The Black Panthers had many aims, predominantly describe in the 10 point program and throughout the active years of the party. It had a significant impact on the people of all races, United States and worldwide. Black Panther Parties were beginning to emerge in countries such as Israel, England, Australia and India, where civil rights was an issue and people were continued to be suppressed19. The Party had caused a revolutionary change in the mindset of the people and because of their determination and persistency, they are one of the reasons segregation and public racism no longer exists today. Equality was one of the most important focuses of the Black Panther Party; it was the main reason the Party had fought so hard for. To be equal with the white man would indefinitely change all of the USA and would eventually contribute a change worldwide. ...read more.


Word Count: 111 F. List of Sources ENDNOTES 1Charles E. Jones, "Reconsidering Panther History: The Untold Story." in The Black Panther Party (Reconsidered) Ed. C. Jones, (Baltimore: Black Classic Press, 1998), p. 2. 2Ibid., p. 7. 3Phillip S. Jones, The Panther Party Speaks (Cambridge: Da Capo Press, 1995), p. 13. 4George Katsiaficas, "Organization and Movement: The Case of the Black Panther Party and the Revolutionary People's Constitutional Connection of 1970." in In Search of the Black Panther Party Eds. J. Lazerow and Y. William, (London: Duke University Press, 2006), p. 143. 5Ibid., p. 61. 6Jones, p. 29. 7Rod Bush, "The Panthers and the Question of Violence." in In Search of the Black Panther Eds. J. Lazerow and Y. Williams, (London: Duke University Press, 2006), p. 60. 8Katsiaficas, p. 144. 9Earl, p. 26. 10Bush, p. 65. 11Ibid., p. 66. 12Reginald Major, The Panther is a Black Cat (Baltimore: Black Classic Press, 1971), p. 63. 13Katsiaficas, p. 59. 14Floyd W. Hayes and Francis A. Keine, "All Power to the People: The Political Thoughts of Huey P. Newton and the Black Panther Party." in The Black Panther Party (Reconsidered), Ed. C. Jones, (Baltimore: Black Classic Press, 1998), p. 159. 15Earl, p. 30. 16Ibid., p. 29. 17Major, p. 60. 18Phillip, p. xxv. 19Earl, p. 37. 20Bush, p. 65. 21Ibid., p. 66. 22Phillip, p. xxvii. 23Earl, p. 7. 24Major, p. 61. 25Ibid., p. 63. 26Floyd W. Hayes and Francis A. Keine, p. 159. 27"Breakfast for School Children", The Black Panther Intercommunal News Service, (19 January 1969), p.16. F. ...read more.

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