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Review of "The Social Animal" by David Brooks

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´╗┐Chris Olson Mr. Berg Ap Psych 29 May 2012 Social Animal Our society has blazoned an important dichotomy, free will versus destiny. Religious groups have been one of the main reasons we have this dichotomy. The other reason is simply how each idea is optimistic in its own way: free will because we actually have the power to decide what we want and there?s nothing else that tempts us and destiny because its nice to know that no matter how bad we screw up in life our final fate cannot get any worse. ...read more.


The implications of this finding are immense. Perhaps in the future we could predict every action and thought by simply taking into account all of the physiological changes that occur in a person. Imagine a world in which a website such as Eharmony could actually predict ?true love? with samples of DNA. I fear this realization in humanity because this could put enormous power in hands of the few who could afford it. The man versus machine futuristic view may in fact be wrong. What is man if there is no longer free will? ...read more.


Another positive side to this realization is that any form of tricking or deceiving would become incredibly hard. This would help cleanse corruption and greed from the modern world. I can easily see many groups fighting against this realization, however one can only fight the truth for so long. This new viewpoint is quite pessimistic when compared to free will and therefore the people who believe in free will have a hard time accepting this new unfortunate truth. The truth to humanity will probably bring about destruction and death. We must be incredibly careful while spreading this sensitive information. If we force it upon people they will feel forced to take action against it. ...read more.

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