Commentary on "Blessing" by Imtiaz Dharker

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“Blessing” by Imtiaz Darker

The skin cracks like a pod.

There never is enough water.

Imagine the drip of it,

the small splash, echo

in a tin mug,

the voice of a kindly god.

Sometimes, the sudden rush

of fortune. The municipal pipe bursts,

silver crashes to the ground

and the flow has found

a roar of tongues. From the huts,

a congregation : every man woman

child for streets around

butts in, with pots,

brass, copper, aluminium,

plastic buckets,

frantic hands,

and naked children

screaming in the liquid sun,

their highlights polished to perfection,

flashing light,

as the blessing sings

over their small bones.        


        One technique that Dharkar uses to convey the desperation and the terrible drought of the land is through different sounds, including alliteration, onomatopoeia, and sibilance.  

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Dharkar uses onomatopoeia, which is a word that imitates a sound, throughout the entire poem. At the beginning the word “cracks” (1) represents the dry and withered earth, which is then replaced by the words “drip” and “splash” (3), which are also examples of onomatopoeia, highlighting the need, the desire for water. These words emphasize the desperate need for liquid, that only a tiny amount is cherished and desired. Therefore “drip” illustrates only a tiny amount. This is exemplified by the fact that when reading the poem these three words are sounds, made briefly and only once. This in turn, ...

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