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Computer-aided design at Kandu

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  • Essay length: 2279 words
  • Submitted: 16/07/2008
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University Degree Management Studies

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Management Practice Seminars

Computer-aided design at Kandu

Student Name: Thao Minh Nguyen

Student Number: 053951452

Date: 10/03/2007

Seminar Leader: Mike Mattock

Case Study Report:

Computer-aided design at Kandu


Understanding technology and change at work organization form has stimulated a large body of research. Early studies were concerned with developments in production technology and the effects of different levels of mechanization on the structure of jobs and experience of work. As advanced technology is increasingly being implemented in modern organizations, which implies a significant expectation of improving in productivity, Cummings and Blumberg (1987) emphasized the vital role of redesigning appropriate work structures in order to meet such expectation.

Nevertheless, choosing the most appropriate form of work organization which has to be consistent with the current organization culture and structure is not an easy task for any companies. Kandu plc is not an exception. To the extent of this case study which is also the terms of reference of the coming meeting at Kandu, the following problems are addressed:

1. Identifying the working party body

2. Determining further investment decision in CAD

3. Restructuring

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