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University Degree: Human Resource Management

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  1. Immigration Policies and Unemployment in Switzerland

    For instance, in France, extreme-right party "Front National" used equation such as "immigration = unemployment" (Bade 2002). In Switzerland, immigration issues were politicized in the early 1960s and this led to limit immigration through a system of quotas. Because of this the social and economic problems related to migration, such as high unemployment and social marginalization, didn't affect Switzerland during the recession of the mid 1970s. They became more visible only at the beginning of the 19190s, much later than in other comparable countries.

    • Word count: 2476
  2. Looking at a couple of International businesses operating in financial services critically assess how they have responded to the forces of globalisation in their sector. To what extent is the globalisation process the cause or the effect of the credit

    There are differing views in the Globalisation debate as different segments of people have different views/perspectives on this concept. There are three types of views that each explains the nature and meaning of Globalisation. They can be referred to as the hyperglobalist, the sceptical, and the transformationalist views. "These define the conceptual space of the current intensive debate about globalization" according to David Held (1999). Hyper-globalists believe that consumer tastes and cultures are being standardised as global products are produced by global companies.

    • Word count: 2653
  3. Case analysis-stans sound

    Options Few of the options that are possible are 1. Go for the expansion by opening Stan's sound 2. Go for the expansion by opening Cen-Tex audio 3. Go for the expansion by opening Stan's sound with few customizable options 4. Not to go for the expansion and build the local market Options evaluation Before going for in-depth analysis of each option let us look at the pros and cons of expansion Analysis for expansion * There are incentives in terms of 15% reduced rental charges and free interior decor. Hence there is reduction in cost in the operating expense.

    • Word count: 1508
  4. Topic: If you were made responsible for introducing organizational change, what steps would you take to minimize resistance to change and why?

    * Overt Resistance: it takes place without trying to hide the fact. This is for somebody that is comfortable with their power, for someone that believes covert attacks are against their values and for somebody that is desperate. The overt resistance may take the form of arguments, refusals to obey authority or attack. To deal with overt resistance firstly we have to request to reply honestly and realistically. If the resistance is "blind", then we have no choice but to support by separating and penalizing aggressors, for instance.

    • Word count: 1528
  5. Performance and Career Management

    The benefits of an appraisal system to the employee and employer include: * Encourage constructive communications regarding job performance. * Provides a standard for measuring employee performance against job standards. * Identifying areas needing improvement. * Encourage employee participation in goal setting and future development. So that we can ensure accuracy, fairness and that are measurements are quantifiable we will conduct our performance reviews using the following guideline for all employees within our team. * Scheduled reviews will be conducted twice annually and will be in writing and conveyed face-to-face.

    • Word count: 1357

    * Base Salary Level 1 - $3000 monthly (Entry level sales representative) * Base Salary Level 2 $3600 monthly (All current team members are at level 2) * Base Salary Level 3 $4100 monthly (Added level for high performers) Base salary will be evaluated annually and adjustments made for inflation were necessary and financially feasible. It will be important that InterClean does not fall behind in salaries in order to stay competitive recruiting, retaining, and motivating employees (Casio, 2006, p.

    • Word count: 1224
  7. employment relationship

    These employment relations are very highly regulated in the United Kingdom in particular as it is well regulated in other countries of the European Union. Part of this regulation is based on domestic laws while other parts are borrowed from the European Union laws, and are therefore common to all EU countries. The objective of the United Kingdom employment law is to secure the employees significant rights, most of which will supersede any agreement made between the employer and its employees and these laws are usually in favour of the employee.

    • Word count: 483
  8. Human Resources - Training

    They also have areas to help businesses with training employees and helping to meet organisational objectives as well as assessing whether any funding could be sought. Modern Apprenticeships This initiative was introduced in 1994; they were re-branded to 'Apprenticeships in 2004. It is aimed at individuals over 16. The aim is to develop skills with hands on experience by joining employers and apprentices together. Originally these were only in trades such as plumbing and carpentry but now in a range of areas from hairdressing to administration.

    • Word count: 3211
  9. Human Resources Management

    People responsible of hiring new recruits are managers and senior staff that will follow a set of criteria predetermined for the vacant position; in order to choose the best person for the post, they need to acquire some knowledge through training that will enable them to select the right candidate for the job. Once employed by Centrepoint, the individuals hired will receive training in line with their job description and in accordance with the organization goals. Within this report, I will show how CP manages the performance of its new recruits and promote their development within this organization.

    • Word count: 4958

    People are finding that their state pension isn't suffice to live on and that they need extra income. Women may have suffered with their state pensions due to National Insurance contributions, some women took years off work to them having kids or being a housewife, when its come to retirement they've found out their state pension is reduced, although they can claim back 6years in some cases it still isn't enough. In both circumstances it has forced them to either go back to work or continue with their employment at the time.

    • Word count: 2320
  11. Lombard Direct call- centre

    Lombard Direct, a call centre runs 24/7, 365 days a year operation. It employs 250 full time equivalent staff occupying 200 desks. They use highly technical systems for the entire operations. Loans constitute 90% of the overall business from the calls apart from other products like insurance, savings account and a credit card. A personal loan is a competitive market due to increased rate of debts. Quality is imperative for employees and the management, linked with pay hike and confirmation of permanent employment.

    • Word count: 4179
  12. Individual Performance and Career Management

    Without the strong performance management of an organization, management and the overall company is going to struggle to stay competitive with its competition. Performance Appraisal The job-relevant strengths and weaknesses of individuals and teams that are evaluated by managers are done so with performance appraisal. Many managers only do this once a year. "In a recent international survey of 8,000 employees and managers fully one-third of employees reported that their manager provided little or no assistance in improving their performance and those never had a formal discussion with their manager regarding their overall performance" (Cascio, 2006 Ch. 9, p. 328).

    • Word count: 1678
  13. Compensation and Benefits

    These compensation systems oftentimes are not effective and even work against team-based work environments that are collectively working together. As a consequence of this counter productivity, organizations are frantically looking for new and healthier ways to compensate their teams. Many benefits result in implementing team compensation systems, organizations are: 1. supporting the new environment; 2. encouraging cooperative, team oriented behavior; 3. emphasizing the importance of effective teamwork; and 4. providing incentives for improved team performance (Zobal, 1998). The results of these efforts will include: 1. improved productivity; 2. improved employee job and pay satisfaction; 3. reduced absenteeism and turnover; and 4.

    • Word count: 6636
  14. Human Resource Strategy Paper

    Equal employment opportunity (job-relatedness, genuine occupational qualifications and reasonable placement). 2. Equal pay (skill, effort, responsibility and working conditions) and comparable worth. 3. Overtime eligibility 4. Workplace safety (Cascio, 2006) One form of job analysis that focuses on a wider range of characteristics of individuals and that uses these characteristics will provide the HR department with InterClean with certain practices is competency models. "Competency models attempt to identify variables related to overall organizational fit to identify personality characteristics consistent with the organizations vision" (Cascio, 2006, p. 164). These models are written in a way that operational management can identify.

    • Word count: 3446
  15. The purpose of this exercise is to introduce the relationship of selecting, evaluating, building and hiring the right employees and leaders as one of the factors to establish to pull through a team strategy, increase company performance and develop organi

    However, despite innumerable studies, only about 5 per cent of the characteristics identified in successful leaders have been found to be widely shared. Of these, three stand out as significant: * above average intelligence, but not at the level of a genius; * initiative - a combination of independence, inventiveness and an urge to get things done; * self-assurance - a blend of self-confidence, self-esteem and high personal expectations. Clearly, while these are important characteristics, they do not provide the clear-cut distinction between good and bad leaders sought by the theory.

    • Word count: 15918
  16. Job Satisfaction

    Introduction 1. Background The worth of employees in the running of organizations has been analyzed and debated by management experts, sociologists and psychologists in depth and detail. A number of theories, most of them the result of painstaking and detailed research, are in use to explain human psychology in the workplace, the stressors and destressors of a working environment, and the reasons behind employee performance, or for that matter, the lack of it. For all practical purposes, employee satisfaction is essential for corporate success and all famous leaders of corporate enterprise apparently were also exceptional leaders of men.

    • Word count: 10509
  17. Solving communication issues at Ships Classification Malaysia

    SCM has now a total of 50 staff operating from the Head Office in Shah Alam, near Kuala Lumpur, an operation office in Penang as well as a branch office in Sibu, Sarawak, and East Malaysia. The business services provided by SCM are not only limited to Classification of Ships, however SCM has been actively involved in a number of Non-Classification activities which includes Project / Management Consultancy and Supervision, Company Audit and Maritime Security and Third Party Inspection. SCM has been appointed as Recognised Security Organisation (RSO)

    • Word count: 2801
  18. Face the Facts of Networking Sites

    Having a policy can mean more rules for staff & make them feel as though their been watched, Young & Case, 2004 describe a policy as 'Internet use policy is a written agreement for employees to comply with the rule of not engaging into the internet abuse activities' Setting up a computer that is solely used for internet use amongst staff could be introduced, this could allow them to access sites during their lunch breaks or even after work, this way it will help towards keeping the morale as high as possible & mean that they're not accessing these websites when they should be doing something else.

    • Word count: 2186
  19. BMW - Case study

    (From case questions 11.7) 8. What benefits might BMW gain from a higher proportion of older workers and how might human resource practices change as a result of an older workforce? (10%) (From case questions 11.8) 1 In the early nineteen eighties, foundations were laid for a value oriented worker policy at BMW. This arose from a scenario planning exercise among senior management at the company. Having this policy is highly important for the companies' design of new plants and in the introduction of new HRM policies.

    • Word count: 1199
  20. Influence and motivation

    1 When it comes to the question of "how to get people to do what you want", we have reached the holy grail of management issues. This question has probably been around for as long as mankind has been around and to this day it continues to baffle even the smartest of us. Through the course of time, though, there have emerged several different ways to �hold the strings', many of which we can experience in everyday life. Managers have many ways to choose from, pending on environment, situations and surroundings.

    • Word count: 1348
  21. Planing and decisions

    * Make them clear and precise; preferably quantifiable. Avoid ambiguity and uncertainty. * If it's practical, bring the workers into the planning process, making it "their" goal. * Giving feedback allows people the change with time, adjust and hopefully improve. What is meant by the term a 'hierarchy of goals', and how can that idea help people to build a consistent plan? What else would managers need to do once they have agreed a hierarchy of objectives? With a "hierarchy of goals" a plan can become more specific, starting with one overall goal which is then broken down into smaller and more specific goals in order to achieve the big one.

    • Word count: 1309

    * Price - The prices in La Senza can vary dependent on the item and are very competitive for branding. Prices can vary from �2.50 to �40. * Place - La Senza stores are based all over the UK and are still expanding to Europe and Ireland. This Assignment will be based on the Wimbledon branch. * Promotions - There are regular promotions to draw the customer's attention. These promotions differ on a weekly basis and can be offers like buy one get one free.

    • Word count: 3711
  23. Work based project

    The reason I think this because I was trained by another member of staff and was not given any proper training. I was given a brief overview of the store, a breakdown of the products and services and was left on my own to do the rest. Based on this I feel that the areas of improvement will be based on product knowledge and services provided to the public. Product Knowledge - The reason for this is that La Senza has thousands of different products and it will not take a few weeks or months to learn about every product in the store but also there are new items that come in every week.

    • Word count: 5626
  24. Recruitment and selection

    * The HR manager in this company knows what their strategy is for development and accomplishments. They use an effective and long-term approach to sustain the success of the company and use a framework in identifying the certain skills needed to improve performance levels at present and in the future. * They asses the needs of the vacant job by taking time to gather information about the nature the job at hand. This includes job purpose and how it will fit into their plans for success. Job Specification Their job descriptions have the following details which need to be addressed: > Job title > Position within the business > Job location > Duties required to complete

    • Word count: 1701
  25. Recruitment Selection

    I continued to take on this role in HP for six months, before enrolling into university. 'HP is a technology company that operates in more than 170 countries around the world' (Hewlett Packard 2009), and it is one of the world's most technologically sophisticated corporations where endless possibilities are being discovered. HP offers a wide range of 'products and services from digital photography to digital entertainment and from computing to home printing' (Hewlett Packard 2009). HP is exceptionally selective when it comes to recruiting the right candidates to fill up positions.

    • Word count: 3411

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