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University Degree: Human Resource Management

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  1. Strategic focus drives HR to restructure

    Through involving people early it could lead to innovation. With the pace in which organisations change and they way in which certain markets fluctuate, dealing with change is a necessity in strategic performance as without it organisations could find themselves behind without being able to catch up. Decision making involving line managers can improve the way in which processes are done, the time it takes & help towards saving costs. As line managers have experience in performing the roles and work along sided the people that do them they can identify where mistakes are made, how to correct them, what people are exceeding at & how to further embellish that.

    • Word count: 2745
  2. Options for Implementing a Leadership Change

    There is much debate regarding the definition of leadership in the concept of not only "who exercises influence, but also what type of influence is exercised and the outcome". It is also stated that "influence is the essence of leadership and good leaders can have a substantial influence on employees' lives and the fate of a company" (Yuki. 2006). Leadership issues exist within Gene One in that the executive positions are all diverse in their style of management and focus of the company.

    • Word count: 1434
  3. Training & Development Assignment

    In an organizational dimension to the definition of transfer of training by noting that it is the extent to which the learning acquired from training sessions is applied and maintained on the job to increase performance and productivity. Despite transfer of learning being so vital, it is often the most neglected phase of the development program. There are three main categories' of the factors that will affect transfer of learning, namely, trainee characteristics, training design factors and work environment factors.

    • Word count: 2807
  4. Given the turbulent and unpredictable environment facing many organizations today, critically evaluate the implications of strategy-making as a rational, planned approached versus strategy-making as an adaptive, emergent process

    A rational strategy for hiring processes and orientation program is necessary in order to reduce the turnover rates. This strategy is preferred because there are ample times for the organization to plan and implement the strategy rather than adaptive process. It is important to look into the reasons causing the high turnover by looking at operational effectiveness such as management techniques. Bi-annually organization climate survey and exit interview can identify the key issues that caused the employees to behave negatively. The information gather can be use to strategically plan the long terms approach needed to tackle the issues from reoccur.

    • Word count: 1748
  5. Self-Esteem and Motivation

    He defined intrinsic motivation behaviourally, as engagement in a task with no incentive to do so. Since Deci's original study in 1971, intrinsic motivation received an increasing amount of-attention by persons in educational-psychological research. Educators began to question methods of behaviour-change traditionally used in the classroom confusion and controversy concerning Deci's hypotheses continues amongst researchers. Deci's studies, which offered a paradigm for the study of intrinsic motivation, at the same time generated even more questions about the concept. His studies are the impetus for this research. Foremost among the hypotheses suggested by Deci is the implication that reward damages intrinsic motivation.

    • Word count: 2123
  6. Organizational Behaviour

    They should know how to cope with it, accept it, plan for it and manage it. The reality, however, is that humans are not very comfortable with change. The concept of change per se can be embraced by each and every individual. By improving the way one thinks about work and how that work is structured is increasingly necessary in order to generate a range of qualitative opportunities. Furthermore, people struggle with effectively organizing for tangible change. How does one handle ambiguity, resistance, fear of the unknown? Why are any attempts at change full with false starts and plateaus?

    • Word count: 2771
  7. Cross Cultural Counselling Ass 1

    In the interview Peter mentioned that his family was influenced by culture in the ways they marked celebrations and festivals. Every member of the family was required to attend family gatherings during birthdays or christenings, Christmas or weddings. He also mentioned that his paternal side of family is very close knit and that his cousins lived close by. Growing up, Peter had to follow certain norms in his family. Children in his family, when he was growing up, were seen not heard.

    • Word count: 1956
  8. Motivating to Perform in Workplace

    But this will be depending on every individual's effort and performance. This study recommends the management of Technical Services Department to assess the followings areas to improve motivation: * Regularly diagnose the level of employees motivation and job satisfaction * Consider redesigning jobs when motivation range is low to moderate * Reduce employee physical strain, efforts, fatigue and health complaints * Regularly exams the error rate, accidents * Provide regular feedback to their employees * Managers must appreciate their works and praise their performance to enhance motivation. * Regular review - NHS Knowledge Skills and Framework - performance assessment for employees to review bonuses, performance related pay, promotion and recognition.

    • Word count: 2927
  9. project report

    Conclusions & Recommendations The conclusions I made from the results of the staff satisfaction survey and issues raised by the customer team that because official correspondence is not done regularly and the level of detail required so much higher than ordinary letter writing, the knowledge was lacking and where knowledge was fine the procedure was slightly different to when the WCW had last done one. My recommendations are that the there is no option to do nothing as the quality checks and spot checks statistics need to be improved and so because of the cost of outsourcing the training or

    • Word count: 4018
  10. Career Development Plan Summary

    This dual purpose team will act as a service team for all incoming calls from new and current students. The four Dual Counsels will answer questions regarding: general program information, most fitting programs, transferability of credits, program changes, schedule changes, navigation of the student website and other general student questions. The manager will oversee the counselor's constant training, maintenance of compliance and assistance with escalated student issues. When choosing candidates for these positions upper management must take into consideration knowledge of academia, information retention and a background in customer service. Promotion from within the organization would be ideal, as a current Enrollment or Academic Counselor already possess knowledge in one area minimizing the training needed.

    • Word count: 1957
  11. design and assesment of training

    The learning styles of all delegates need to be adressed as these are not met. The course is lengthy for delegates who do the work already could be split or back up sections put in to facilitate learning needs. The assessment methods should be assesed within the course objectives as looking at the material one formal assessment in particular is not valid. My recommendations are that the exercises within the course are tailored to the four different learning styles (Kolb 1984, Honey and Mumford 1996). The power point slides need to be less cluttered and use more visuals and make the content come to life. It will then be an effective addition to the course.

    • Word count: 5052
  12. ''Assessing the role of Expatriates in enhancing Local managers performance through the transfer of knowledge: A study of MNCs in Bangladesh''

    Therefore lack of initiative and pro-action is observed from these executives in any decision making. My project is going to look at this trend and analyse if this practice is actually good, if there is room for improvement and more importantly, if there is way to groom up local mangers to take over the roles of the expatriates. Aims & Objective: The aim of this research is examine the effect of expatriation in reality. I also want to see if the local managers of Bangladesh are actually gaining benefit from the process.

    • Word count: 2546

    In this report, the recent trends of Japanese employment relations will be examined. Two questions have been addressed here. First, why the traditional Japanese employment system has been changed. Second, to what extent has ER system has been changed? To answer these questions we will first examine the traditional Japanese model and then after considering some issues relating to the reasons of this change, we will analysis the current trends to find out the extent of modification in a number of typical ER practices. A discussion of the implications of these changes is then be presented, followed by the conclusion.

    • Word count: 3768
  14. Training Needs Assessment in Dolmino's pizza

    To do this, Domino's Pizza employs over 325 team members who work in a range of store support functions at locations in the UK and Ireland. Domino's Pizza's expertise and passion for delivering hot and fresh pizzas has earned it numerous awards and the loyalty of millions of pizza lovers around the world. Its priorities, goals and objectives are: * Recruit, recognise and retain the best people; * Deliver consistently high quality food on time; * Take great care of its customers; * Innovate in ways that matter to its team members and customers; * Ensure high image standards at

    • Word count: 4156
  15. Training and ICT

    and also issues within the IiP training activity. Facts will be stated concerning these issues and suggestions will be made in order for all sectors to be equal in acquiring this recognition One of the issues involved in IiP is the fact that while large minorities of workplaces have secured IiP accreditation according to Cully et al., (1999), with thirty-two per cent of workplaces with 10 or more employees having accreditation, there is evidence that the take-up of the Standard across different sectors of the economy is uneven.

    • Word count: 2547
  16. Critically examine the options available for workers and trade unions to build more effective outcomes

    By the 1970s the trade union members reached its peak point where it had about 13.3 million workers as members of the union; which was about 55% of the working population, this made them a force to be reckoned with the society were forced to take notice. By 1979 when the conservative party took over control under the rule of Margaret Thatcher it meant the death of trade unions in Britain. They felt that the power the unions had were too much and if not stopped will result in a lot of damages to the government plans for the society.

    • Word count: 2626
  17. To what extent is there a gap between the prescriptive model of recruitment and selection and organizational practice?

    After which it must design the most appropriate form of looking for the right candidate. The most widely used form of recruitment and selection is the interviewing system which is used when recruiting a large number. This system can be quite costly as it requires a lot of time and money. Thereby making it difficult to select the best recruit, and still be cost effective. From here it is possible to draw there first possible gap between organizational practice of cost minimization and recruitment and selection of the best applicant. This arises because there is a great restraint on the time and money allowable for recruitment but yet the only the best selection will suffice cause major friction practices and performance.

    • Word count: 2114
  18. Human Resource Planning.

    Also it helps firms to learn how to manage and motivate their staff better, to receive greater results. Human Resource Planning. Vetter ( 1967 cited in Jacson.E.S) defined human resource planning as "the process by which management determines how organisation should move from its current manpower position to its desired position". Planning helps managers to have right amount of people, at the right place, performing tasks that will benefit both company and employees with long-run benefits. For the organisation is important that senior management believe "that people represents the key source of competitive advantage because an organisation route to success is based on distinctive product and service quality as well as price".

    • Word count: 2255
  19. Ethics in the work place

    DISCUSSION QUESTIONS Case Questions 1. Identify the ethical culture problem at Texaco in the mid-1990s. The ethical culture problem at Texaco can be identified by observing that there were seemingly no ethics at the company during the mid-1990s. The company did not value minority employees' dignity or talents. In fact, employees and management were caught on tape using "...blatant racial language and behavior" (Nelson & Trevino, 2004, p. 268). Texaco was in such a horrific ethical state that the company failed to take even the simplest of all ethical approaches: the cookie-cutter approach. Instead, the company did nothing in regards to addressing their diverse workforce.

    • Word count: 2991

    The BA management style was traditionally formal, inflexible and run on a strict authoritarian method. Also it was principally based on the values that the company was to be an efficient airline, and very little attention was paid to the customers. However due to the alterations in the market place of air transport and with the external threats i.e. governments deregulating and privatisation in the industry, BA had to change to a new brand of corporate culture and values. As a result the conversion was that BA adopting a culture from one which was bureaucratic and rigid, to one that is more service-oriented and market-driven.

    • Word count: 3171

    These rival companies account for almost 40% of the PC Industry sales globally. The growth for the computer industry will remain strong and so Dell will always faces major competition worldwide. Development & Contribution of Dell's SCM to its Business Goals: Some of Dell's company objectives include: * Commitment to being a good neighbor in the communities as well being no.1 in the market. * Continue to grow responsibly, protecting the organizations natural resources and practicing sustainability in all its forms. * Having diversity in workforce i.e. High standard that puts forth opportunities for all of employees, leveraging both similarities and differences.

    • Word count: 1968
  22. Assessment of Burger King(TM)s Training & Development

    of the fast food restaurant should expect a minimum of 8-12 weeks on-job and off-job training. The usual training routines learnt during this period are shown below: Training for shop floor employees (8 weeks) Training for managers (including training of all skills already mentioned in the left hand column -12 weeks) * Gaining Product Knowledge * Counter Service * How to make a whopper * Equipment Knowledge * Basic Food Hygiene * Food Safety and Product Quality * Roles and Responsibilities * Team Work * Customer Service * Supervisory Skills Course * Supervisor Evaluation (observation on the job)

    • Word count: 1202
  23. Free essay

    Employer Branding

    The application of branding principles to human resource management has been termed "employer branding." Increasingly, firms are using employer branding to attract recruits and assure that current employees are engaged in the culture and the strategy of the firm. Employer branding is defined as "a targeted, long-term strategy to manage the awareness and perceptions of employees, potential employees, and related stakeholder with regards to a particular firm" (Sullivan, 2004 cited in Backhaus and Tikoo, 2004). The employer brand puts forth an image showing the organization as a good place to work (Sullivan, 2004). What is Employer Branding First of all brand on its own as defined by American Marketing Association, a brand is a

    • Word count: 2963
  24. Employment relation in the in United states of America

    As large corporations expanded in the 20th century in the USA, structured and bureaucratic internal labor markets appeared within those primary sector enterprise- the firms and corporations of the productive sector of a country's economy. This included well job defined job progressions also formal pay. American economy is the largest, because of the size of he economy and its important role in global political affair, the USA has played an important role in the development of other national system. History of Employee Relations in USA According Hogler (2003 : 1), the US system has its origin in the arrival of european settlers to the new continent .

    • Word count: 3607
  25. The Use of Immigrants as a strategic resourcing choice for multinational corporations in current economic climate

    Written communication: have developed skills in both academic and professional writing, and knowledge of the standards required for report ,essays and referencing. Able to produce an in- depth analytical and evaluative assignment Upon completion of this report have researched more into multinational firms and current activities in the economy, how important strategies is, not just to multinational firms but also to practicing manager and HR personnel 3 Introduction This report is about how the use of immigrant can be a strategic resourcing choice for multinational corporation in the current economic climate.

    • Word count: 4389

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