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University Degree: Human Resource Management

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  1. Book Review Understanding American and German business cultures by Patrick L. Schmidt

    The author demonstrates this aspect by a metaphor, which compare the term culture with an iceberg. In this connection he divides expressed values and basic assumptions. Here you only see the expressed values like language, habits and customs like a tip of the iceberg. Patrick Schmidt classifies culture through theoretical frameworks in order to explain why people from diverse cultures do things in a different kind of way. The Hofstede's and Hall's dimensions of values characterize the following varied behaviors: - Individualism/ collectivism Whereat individualistic countries are more concerned for themselves and the collectivist culture tend to place a high value to the good of the group.

    • Word count: 2402
  2. People & Organisations - Changing Organisational Culture - Ford Case study.

    Source: Understanding and managing organisational behavior, Pearson(2012) Another important aspect of this paper and of organisational culture is organization structure, which is defined as "the pattern of relationships among positions in the organization and among members of the organization." Source: Essentials of Organisational Behaviour, Prentice Hall(2006), 1st edition Leadership is described as a combination between "exerting influence over other members of a group or organization" and "helping a group or organization achieve its goals. Combining these two key characteristics, we can define leadership as the capability of an individual to exercise influence and control over other members to help a group or organization achieves its goals."

    • Word count: 3614
  3. What are the potential causes of stress one might encounter at work? With reference to relevant theory, describe what organisations could do to alleviate stress?

    Basically saying that it is the individual's perception of the situation and what needs to be done with what resources, so a certain situation can be seen as stressful by one person but not by another. Current researchers widely follow the Beehr hypothesis (1995) which is that stress is the relationship between the cause (stressor) and the person's reaction to it. This research says that stress is caused by an individual's inability to cope properly in a particular environment. The risks of stress affect people differently.

    • Word count: 2250
  4. Factors Affecting Employees Productivity In Coca-Cola Co.

    This collection of data was informal and with minimal preparation to have a general idea about this problem and to enhance the overall understanding of the problem. Up to this point I had a better idea about Coca-Cola Company, such as the industry, average production volume in the company, HR policies & procedures, salary scale, and minimum education level required for each job. This information is considered a preliminary idea about the factors that may affect the employees' productivity. 2.2 Literature Review Productivity is a very wide field to study.

    • Word count: 5404
  5. HR Dilemma. These two co-workers were very close to me and they in no way could get along with one another. These two individual could not work together or share responsibilities.

    This is just one potential originator of an ethical dilemma in the workforce. (Kirby & Goodpaster, 2007) The designation and use of insufficient resources, the cutting back of personnel, the safety and quality of the company's products, the changes in law and the additions in technology and different types of discrimination may also cause panic and ethical dilemmas in the company. An ethical dilemma would come about if two or more of these factors were to occur. (Paul & Elder, 2006)

    • Word count: 1264
  6. Review of Komisar, R. (2000, 2001). The monk and the riddle: The art of creating life while making a living.

    Lenny is only one of many people, Konisar included, who have fallen into the trap of doing what is necessary to bring in a pay check. Along the way, Konisar gives us some valuable insights into the world of entrepreneurship and start-ups from the inside. He takes us on a fascinating journey through his own life as a "Virtual CEO" and mentor to a number of people looking for guidance and direction as they embark on a new venture. He uses his own experiences as a way to impart knowledge when necessary and admits that he himself has made more than a few wrong turns and fallen into some of the traps that he describes.

    • Word count: 1638
  7. Atkinsons flexible firm model (1984) sparked widespread debate around the flexible firm and Britains changing views towards flexible employment practices. Atkinsons controversial report was issued around a time of economic uncertai

    Within competing markets many firms have great difficulty finding talented staff. When talent is secured the offer of flexible working conditions may be offered as a 'perk' in order to reduce the temptation of them moving to a competing firm. Creative and innovative organisations such as Google and Apple promote talent which is a prominent feature within the corporate image. These types of companies predominantly adopt a flexible working philosophy which they use as a strategy to allow employees time to be creative and devise innovative solutions and products which have made them leaders in their respective markets.

    • Word count: 4591
  8. Study of Agency Theory. This essay is having research on agency theory and the study of which in current economic environment and a literature review will be done on the conflicts between executive compensation and the goal of maximizing the shareholders

    In such relationship, the principals are hiring the agents to work as business operators in their capitals, and the agents are usually constrained by contracts (Eisenhardt, 1989). Under this theory, there are usually two problems: * The goals of the principal and agent are usually in conflict (also viewed as agency problem), and also it is difficult and expensive for the principal to verify what the agent is actually doing. * The principals and agents are holding different tolerances for risks, principle and the agent may prefer different actions because of the different risk preferences (Eisenhardt, 1989).

    • Word count: 2336
  9. To what extent does the pre-departure training restrict challenges of expatriate employees and how multinational companies provide it to their staffs before an overseas assignment?

    According to Richardson and Mc Kenna (2002), expatriates are professionals who are living in a foreign location for about one year on a temporary basis. Living and working in a new cultural environment, they have to face many challenges and they need to adjust their lifestyles in order to make their assignment successfully (Ward and Rana-Deuba, 2000; Zakaria, 2000). The most common difficulties faced by the expatriates are culture-sock and language. The changes happened in sudden cross-culture transitions make expatriates more stressful.

    • Word count: 3698
  10. International HRM. In the case of Vietnam, a study has pointed out that multinational firms have been facing with several problems terms of attempting on introducing Western practices into traditional human resource management systems in Vietnam.

    HR practices in Vietnam 2.1. Vietnam as a host country In 1986, the reform named Doi moi was introduced by the Vietnamese government in order to transfer the economy from a socialist, centralist planned system to a market - oriented approach (Anne, 2009). Liberalizing the economy has certainly gained several benefits; however Vietnam is still known as a poor country with a very low income, US$ 690 per capita in 2007 (Anne, 2009). Therefore, many researchers note that foreign direct investment has become an integral part of the nation's economy.

    • Word count: 5581
  11. Skye Bank is an indigenous company publicly quoted on the Nigerian Stock Exchange. Using the Assessment tools we have discussed in Unit 4 (McKinsey 7s framework, Balanced Scorecard, SWOT Analysis, etc) provide a complete assessment of the company

    When you share and experience with people, it makes you have a positive thinking towards them. Through interaction, you get to exchange ideas and values, and you may realize that even those ideas you think are positive, could actually be perceived as negative universally. It should be understood that feeling of prejudice must be eliminated from an individual before it can be preached to others, such ambassador should be able to prove beyond all doubt that he's free of prejudice and can tolerate everybody irrespective of their race, belief or background.

    • Word count: 2999
  12. What makes a workplace fun? What are your personal on-the-job experiences with productivity-enhancing fun? Describe them.

    A core of people with strong humor skills is one of the most important keys to helping other employees build up these skills (McGhee, 2009, p. 1). > Humor and fun should be modeled by top management. Most employees assume that humor and fun on the job will be viewed negatively; so they need clear evidence that this is not the case (McGhee, 2009, p. 1). > Provide challenging work. Fun on the job does not have to take the form of humor or silliness. Simply challenging work is an important source of fun for many employees (McGhee, 2009, p.2).

    • Word count: 2455
  13. This IHRM report is based on a large food retail company in UK, Malone Superbuy Ltd. The present strategic plan of the company is to venture into the Middle Eastern and Asian markets.

    It is important to take note that internationalisation is different from globalisation in that internationalisation is a spatially delimiting process. The model in figure 1, below, can help organisations to determine what factors influence domestic HRM and IHRM policies and practices when they operate in a multinational organisation. This model could be applicable to organisations as is. Figure 1: Factors influencing domestic HRM and IHRM policies and practices Source: Hitt, D, W (1996) 1.1 Differences between domestic HRM and IHRM Figure 2: Variables that moderate differences between domestic HRM and IHRM Dowling (1999)

    • Word count: 15906
  14. Review of Article: "Hyatt Hotels Applies Supply Chain Principles to Staffing Management to Improve Hire Quality and Reduce Costs" From: Workforce Management, July 2003

    It has been one of the most powerful tools of business transformation. Supply chain management is a concept that is well known and well used throughout the business world today. It has brought along many changes in businesses that have produced long term benefits for companies and, most importantly, consumers. A supply chain is a network of facilities and distribution channels that give a company the ability to receive materials and supplies, manufacture goods, and distribute goods to wholesalers, retailers, and customers. Today, supply chain management principles are also being applied by Hyatt Hotel to staffing management principles to improve their internal mobility and external staffing processes.

    • Word count: 1170
  15. Cross Cultural management of a Mexcian MNC. Discuss critically how employees were motivated to participate in learning organisation environment of Equipos. You should draw on theories of motivation and cross cultural management in your answer.

    and successful implement the learning strategies to turn itself into a learning organisation. This can only be possible by not cultural stereotyping, rather managers at Equipos struggled for achieving all this, by understanding the management of cross culture in the work place which urge the employees to participate in the organisational context. This study focuses different cross cultural theories and motivational frameworks with which Equipos manage to turn into a learning organisation. 2. CONCEPTUAL FRAMEWORK: The focus of this study is to analyse the statement that learning strategies rely heavily on employee involvement in the light of different cross cultural, motivation and learning theories.

    • Word count: 3636
  16. Analysis of H&M HR strategies

    With the great potential in online and catalogue sales, H&M plans to launch internet sales in the USA which is renowned for world greatest catalogue sale market. Online shopping is currently available in Sweden, Finland, Norway, Denmark, Germany, Austria and UK. All the stores are refreshed with novel items on regular and periodic basis. The collection is created by more than 100-in house designers together with pattern and buyer makers. The company has around 28 production offices around the world.

    • Word count: 3544
  17. Effects of Miscommunication. In the following pages, I will discuss the direct link between company performance and its ability to recognize and correct employee errors. The theory will be bolstered by a short description of the theory, how it applies to

    There comes a point where the expectation for a manager to oversee every process becomes unreasonable. Therefore, in many companies, managers rely on their employees to report errors and mistakes so they can be quickly corrected. In the cases where errors go unreported, many managers set out to discover the reasons why they are unreported. There can be a number of reasons why an employee would want to keep a mistake to himself or herself. The number one answer most people assume would be fear of reprimand or termination. While this is sometimes a result, many managers only use this as a last resort (Hicks).

    • Word count: 2863
  18. Getting all such individuals and groups committed to a vigorous pursuit of the quality standards aspired for is a herculean task for leaders of higher educational institutions. What effective measures can leaders of such institutions put in place to ensur

    Indeed Ajayi and Ekundayo (2007) have rightly stated that governments do not consider the funds allocated to higher education as mere expenditures, but as long-term investments in human resources. Today all levels of education have assumed a global character, and as such, the narrow focus on the focal nation is giving way to a focus on globally-oriented contents, practice and management (Middlehurst, 2001). Higher education in particular is becoming more and more a commodity at the global market, following the increasing mobility of scholars and students across national borders.

    • Word count: 2057
  19. Managing Distributed Work Group. In this paper I will discuss the issue involved in managing employees who work at a location that is not the same as their supervisor and therefore are not under direct supervisory control. My observations come from my e

    Districts are made up of seven to nine MAs and are managed by a District Manager. Since MAs are not colocated with a supervisor, it is important for DMs to give them a reasonable amount of independence to run their business but closely monitor their performance of key job functions. Some of the functions that should be monitored by DMs include new account openings, existing customer sales growth, profit growth, and accounts receivable management. Even though MA performance is measured individually, John Doe thinks it is extremely important to get individuals in a district to act as a team.

    • Word count: 2748
  20. HRM Case Study. FARASSOO International designs produces and markets computer peripherals and devices that enable people to work productively.

    It has fixed assets (original value) USD 370 million and occupied a piece of land with an area of 50,000 square meters. The firm has more than 100 various production, 15 production lines and approximately 400 employees. 2.1. Our People Farassoo is a company which emphasis creativity in introduction of new and innovating way of producing products such as Keyboards, mouse, lap top, monitors, and so on. However, without "our people", neither goals nor ambitions can be achieved sky high.

    • Word count: 4438
  21. After extensive research it has come to our knowledge there are many issues with BP, these are, organisation, health and safety, motivation and communication amongst the employees, predominately between managers and workers

    Merrit, 2005) by applying this system to the scenario, managers would have been able to create shift system and this would have allowed the organisation to be more effective where employees would feel they were being considered and have the breaks they needed and thus could have avoided this situation totally. Using the behavioural theories as a concept, the Ohio state model declares that having an initiating structure and consideration makes a high high leader. Like the sociotechnical system this means that managers get to know the subordinates on a deeper understanding to help improve the communication flaw.

    • Word count: 1089
  22. In my opinion the most significant activity that was updated in the process of reconstruction of the company approach to the gender-diversity, is the program Fitting life into work and work into life which consists of many aspects such as: c

    Many people sacrifice they career pursuing family needs. The name of the program "Fitting life into work and work into life" says it all; with this program the company helps employees to adjust life with work and to bring work into life without sacrificing a family. The initiative that this approach brings to women's attention is significant, because this program actually provides the opportunity to mothers or in some cases single mothers to have flexible hours of work which helps them to handle career which they want and not the careers which are available.

    • Word count: 732
  23. The lawsuit Dukes v. Wal-Mart is considered the biggest lawsuit in the history of the United States. The action against company was filed in 2001 by female employees of the stores. The lawsuit alleges that Wal-Mart actively discriminated agains

    (N.D. Cal. 2001) The lawsuit consisted of complaints by female workers, whose main issue was unfair treatment comparing to the male work force. Legal action documents stated that unfair treatment of females existed in the salary arrangements, promotions and schedules. Statistics that was produced by plaintiff lawyers consisted of analyses which supported the argument against Wall-Mart policies. Statistic facts of analysis: > Women work force outnumbered men by almost 4-1 among supervisors, and still only 45.1% of supervisors were women; > Low numbers also were in the positions with a high pay, only 37.6% of Assistant Managers, 21.9% of

    • Word count: 707

    HRM today is not only slogan but has become economic necessity. HRM strategies such as Performance Appraisal, Training etc. have to be tailored to suit the business environment of the economy. Of the various strategies and mechanisms, there is tremendous potential in PERFORMANCE APPRAISAL SYSTEM (PAS) as an effective tool for gaining competitive edge. In the modern day turbulent business environment, innovative PAS strategies are required to meet a plethora of challenges. What is true of one organization or nation may not necessarily apply exactly the same way elsewhere. So we will need to innovate such strategies of performance appraisal as suit the business environment of our economy in the wider context of globalization.

    • Word count: 7250
  25. Employee Motivation. Case Study of the incentive schemes at the Jodhpur branch of the Oil and Natural Gas Corporation.

    I, first of all would like to acknowledge the cooperation and encouragement of the Mr. S.K. VYAS, HEAD OF DEPARTMENT, MANAGEMENT DEPARTMENT OF ENG. COLLEGE BIKANER. Who provides me an opportunity & motivated me to take my summer training in such an esteemed organization. I am debted to my advisor MR.S.S.V.PRASADA RAO, (Chief Manager HR / In-charge HR/ER) whose guidance, patience, encouragement and trust has been a great source of support for me throughout my completion of project report at ONGC.

    • Word count: 7487

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