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Information Systems at Honda Atlas Cars of Pakistan

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´╗┐HONDA ATLAS CARS (PAKISTAN) LIMITED MANAGEMENT INFORMATION SYSTEMS Submitted to: Ms. Beenish Zaheer Introduction Honda Atlas Cars Limited is a joint venture between Honda Motor Company Japan and the Atlas Group of Companies, Pakistan. Honda was established in 1994 in Pakistan. Their head office is in Manga Mandi and their marketing department is in Defence Lahore. It?s a business to business organization. Honda Atlas has been a pioneer in introducing several technologies for the first time in Pakistan such as PGMF-1(Programmed fuel injection), VTEC (Variable Value Timing and lift electronic control, Automatic transmission, Crystal lights, Oriel(Roof with both tilt and slide functions), Four wheel Disk Brakes and ABS Brakes(Anti-lock braking system). They make 80 cars per shift. Currently they are offering 8 different models of Honda CIVIC and CITY in a wide range of colors with unique technological features. Over all 10% of the system is computerized while the rest of the 90% of the work is done manually. The information, based on their research, provided by the marketing department serves as the input for Honda. The production department processes the demand with the help of the parts and produces cars as an output. The suppliers are 1. Kansai 2. Nippon 3. Berger INFORMATION SYSTEM IN THE PRODUCTION DEPARTMENT 1. PLC- Program Logic Control system is a system where the robots wield the parts in the main jig. It is completely computerized and there is a separate jig for Civic and City. 2. Electro Deposition is a computer controlled process in which the Chasis is taken to a paint deposition in which it is dipped for four minutes. ...read more.


Honda also has an extranet that connects it with its suppliers, dealership and customers. As Honda is associated with Japan, they need it to connect to the company heads over there. The company heads in Japan keep a check and also send annual plans through it. FIREWALL AND ANTIVIRUS Firewall: It is a special security software used to block unwanted access to a private network, devices or computer systems. It keeps the unwanted and unauthorized traffic away. Honda is using AS/400 which has its own firewall whereas the employees have their personal computer secured by different firewalls like the operating system?s default firewalls and sygate firewall etc. Antivirus: It is a protective software built to protect computer systems from malicious and potentially dangerous softwares, viruses, malwares etc. that can along with tampering with the content can also steal data from a pc. Honda has Kaspersky Enterprise version installed on the central server, which protects its systems from the above mentioned potential hazards. DEPARTMENTAL INTEGRATION This part of the report describes how all the departments within Honda are connected to each other so that smooth functioning of the activities within the organization can be ensured. As mentioned above, an enterprise resource planning software has been developed (using AS400) which facilitates the integration of different departments. Overview of the system: An overview of the system will help in understanding how all the activities within the organisation are coordinated. 1. The customers place orders to dealers who act as middlemen. 2. The dealers send this information to the sales department using e-mail or courier. ...read more.


How the card system works After the initial cards that are pink and white have been assigned, when a sale is made the operator saves the customer record as sold and converts these cards into yellow card by entering additional information. This clearly creates a distinction between follow up or deferred customers and those to whom a sale has been made. 1. Posting This option allows any operator to put up some information for others or make an announcement on the bulletin board. 1. Report Generation The Reports Menu can generate different reports showing detailed information for the period specified. It is used to drive the statistics of the issues stored in the database based on the required parameters. The following reports can be generated: 1. Follow up report 2. Customer birthday report 3. Customer marriage anniversary report 4. Staff activity report 5. Pending insurance & Registration expiry report 1. Inquiries All customer records can be searched through their name, date of data entry, NTN number, NIC number, credit card data, and phone numbers using this data mining module. 1. DONet: To maintain after sales Customer Relation Management, Honda uses DONet. It enables smooth flow of information to the production department in case of any complaint. 1. Handles all the customer data to provide after sales service which includes repairs history, complete car maintenance records and the level of customer satisfaction on each visit to the dealership workshop. 2. In addition to these functions, DONet also maintains the inventory of spare parts and the level is maintained according to the customer demand. MIS OPERATIONAL FLOW CHART ...read more.

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