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Remington Peckinpaw Davis Project Management Case Study

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Running head: PROJECT MANAGEMENT PLAN Project Management Plan Paper Dechazlon C. Burnett MMPBL/510 07/17/10 Richard Van Cleave Project Management Plan Paper As we look at most companies today and how they manage to stay successful, you have to wonder how the projects were planned from within the inside to enable them to have the success that they. Well first of all with the many projects that each company goes through they have to really plan it very carefully to insure that it goes the way it's planned. There are a lot of today's companies that have failed to become the company that they planned to be, but a lot of this comes from the project not being planned out carefully. A lot plays a big part into a project being successful; you have to have the correct management in place which is important. Of course your CEO has the biggest part of all meshing the team together to put the project together that's going to be the success of the company. Let's take a look at a former company that seems to be doing pretty good right now and is looking to do better to rise above their competition. Which is what it's all about now days you have majority of today's companies fighting to win over the consumers that they have and to gain more from other companies as well? ...read more.


You want this to be pretty much done so that it doesn't come back to bite you, but then these are the things you risk and take when you plan and prepare for a major project. Let's look at some of the potential risks that might be a stake her. Weighting Perceived Risk One thing about planning projects that many of the project teams really fear most are risks; there are many different types of risks that may be very harmful to a project. Today we will examine a couple of risks that a team can run into. And how do we managed weighting perceived risk and then there's of course you have your future risks which leads to how you will measure your project risk. These are all risks that any project team will come across. But the thing is taking care of these risks and not letting them get the best of you and the project continuing in the right direction remaining focused. With eRPD and the big idea of developing and introducing the company's new entry into an on-line trading, you have to look at the potential risks that are at hand. Looking at overall how some of these risks play into these projects take a look at what a mitigation strategy. ...read more.


The reason the goals will be checked is to make sure that they were as close to the 100% complete towards the needs of the project. While staying within the means of the company by way of budgeting making sure that the many projects to used was used no more and no less and of course the most important, the schedule when performing any project you want to make sure that the team is on schedule and on pace to finish on time, cause for one time is money. You have to really wonder if the implementation plan went according to plan and of course what was the success of this plan. Conclusion In conclusion we see that RPD was able to see that those problems and all of the risks that they saw come their way they were able to correct and keep going forward as a team. They also found that some of the potential risks at hand were due to poor judgment this is why it is so important that as a tem when getting prepared for a project it is very important that you make sure that everything is done correctly and that the schedule and budget is done in order. Of course we saw how they avoided and handled the risks that were at hand and that when planned correctly you still will run into bumps in the road. ...read more.

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