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Reverse Logistics in the Chinese Auto Manufacturing Industry

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´╗┐Reverse Logistics in the Chinese Auto Manufacturers industry 1. Introduction With the development of the society and the economy, people have increased their different kinds of demands in their daily lives (Ravi & Shankar, 2005). By the advanced technology, people can exchange various kinds of information freely. For example, when people do some searches in the internet, they can be able to know a lot of information in a very short time. As the fast development of the information business, many different kinds of industries are on the increase, including the online shopping, logistics and so on. Especially for the logistics industry, although it starts late, it does develop very quickly. But in the real situations, people seem to pay more attentions to the forward logistics. And when talking about the reverse logistics, it seems not catch people's attentions, especially in China. For the forward logistic, it refers to transfer the goods from the factory to the customers, which are very common in the society. And the reverse logistic means people should collect the products which are damaged, non-use and out-date from the customers, which is the first stage. Following this, they will make some data analysis and then make some arrangement for the products. In a word, it is a high-efficiency process for the product life cycle. By the reverse logistics management, the corporations can enhance their competitive powers and then they can expand their market shares. The reverse logistic industry does a great help to the development of the Chinese auto manufacture industry, which should be discussed in the below essay. Nowadays, more and more people pay their attentions in the reverse logistic industry in the car industry. There are many different kinds of reasons. First of all, for most of the Chinese car industry, they should get the accessories from the other suppliers and then combine them together to make a car. ...read more.


With the further demands of the technology and the professional skills, people will surely have more demands in the future. The reverse logistic includes the returned logistics and the waste materials logistics. For the returned logistic, it means to get back the accessories which are not pass. If the consignees think the products are not good, they can send the products back to the factory and then the manufactures can repair them and then sell them again. Besides, they can also take the accessories out of the car and then sell them again. For the not passed cars, it does not mean all of the accessories are not good. Sometimes it may due to the technology of some of the other things; the car is not made perfect. But if people can separate the accessories from the cars, they may be able to get the profits again. And for the waste materials logistic, it says that people can reuse the wasteful products again. For example, if the car has been used many years or even over their life circles, they may end of their life circles and cannot be used any more. However, on the basic of some studies, the life circle of the car accessory may be longer than the car themselves. In the past, especially in the developing countries, people may not pay much attention to the recycling of the products, which give rise to a lot of waste and do some harm to the environment. What is more, there are many reasons for the reverse logistic in the auto manufacture industry. Firstly, the bad quality of the accessories may be the key factor in creating the reverse logistic. As the car is made by thousands of accessories, if people do not have better controls of their quality, they may bring a lot of disasters to the products. Even a small accessory can play a big impact on the whole car. ...read more.


And on the other hand, the reverse logistics can help the car factories to make sure the quality of the components of the cars, which can ensure the whole quality of the cars and is good for building an excellent brand name. Besides, it is also the requirement of the environment and the society. For the human beings, the environment means a lot to their future, without which they cannot survive. Therefore, people will take a lot of measures to protect the environment in the future and the first stage may target at the manufacture industry. What is more, the pollution and the waste of energy do really affect the human beings a lot. If people can reuse some of the products, they can both save money and the materials. For some materials, they are limited and if people use them all, they cannot be produced any more. Thus, if possible, people should try their best to check whether certain materials can be used again. If the materials have the recycling cycles, they can be good for the human beings and the environment. Many evidence shows that the reverse logistics should be promoted in the society, especially for the Chinese auto manufacturers. Reference Beullens, P., Van Oudheusden, D., & Van Wassenhove, L. N. (2004). Collection and vehicle routing issues in reverse logistics. In Reverse Logistics(pp. 95-134). Springer Berlin Heidelberg. De Brito, M. P., & Dekker, R. (2004). A framework for reverse logistics (pp. 3-27). Springer Berlin Heidelberg. Dekker, R., & Fleischmann, M. (Eds.). (2004). Reverse logistics: quantitative models for closed-loop supply chains. Springer. Fleischmann, M., Bloemhof-Ruwaard, J. M., Beullens, P., & Dekker, R. (2004). Reverse logistics network design. In Reverse Logistics (pp. 65-94). Springer Berlin Heidelberg. Min, H., Jeung Ko, H., & Seong Ko, C. (2006). A genetic algorithm approach to developing the multi-echelon reverse logistics network for product returns.Omega, 34(1), 56-69. Ravi, V., & Shankar, R. (2005). Analysis of interactions among the barriers of reverse logistics. Technological Forecasting and Social Change, 72(8), 1011-1029. Srivastava, S. K. (2008). Network design for reverse logistics. Omega, 36(4), 535-548. ...read more.

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