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University Degree: Teaching

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  1. principles of management

    Therefore these principles are flexible and can be modified to suit different situations. Management principles are derived through the following methods: * Observation method - under this method, certail events are actually observed and then the gained knowledge is used in future. * Experiment method - under this method, researchers in the feild of management undertake empirical studies. On the basis of these studies they develope certain principles and test their variability. Nature of management principles The following are the nature of management principles:- * Management principles are universal truth hence it has universal validity.

    • Word count: 2421
  2. Applied Pedagogy of Sport and Physical education Assignment One Written Critical Evaluation of the Pedagogical Process

    Within the United Kingdom, a lack of clarity such as the ones suggested by Tinning (1992) maybe the reason for the limited application of pedagogy within education. Certain theories such as the one by Simon (1994) support this statement by suggesting that there has indeed been a 'neglect of pedagogical studies in England'. It could be argued that aspects of pedagogy are implemented within the English educational system but the lack of understanding of the term pedagogy means that certain teaching practices fail to be recognised under the genre of pedagogy.

    • Word count: 3579
  3. Comparative Study Between Hamlet & Death of a Salesman

    Yet when challenging one such attempt he noted its failure to observe what he termed 'an essential part of the [Shakespearean] tragic pattern'; which would seem to imply that these plays do have some shared characteristics peculiar to them. The characteristics of a shakespearean tragedy are: 1. Must depict the downfall of a good person trough a fatal error or mis judgement. 2. Evoke's pity and fear in the audience. 3. Always talks about fate. 4. Always ends with one or several deaths.

    • Word count: 3993
  4. Class Management

    Nevertheless, the teachers should not blame their students immediately because it might not be their fault. For example, they might not understand their teacher's directions or some environmental factors might affect their performance. It is similar to the case in a computer. Different commands are used for different programs even for a simple procedure like printing a document because one command understood for a program might not be understood for another. Factors other then the program itself, e.g. volume of hard disk, version of operation system, always affects programs performance.

    • Word count: 3349
  5. Developing the Global Dimension in Schools and in Classrooms Exploring the Implications of Teaching in the Context of Diversity

    In the first lesson, the pupils are given a map of Africa and a list of countries. They have to use the internet to find out where the countries are situated on the map. This provokes discussion over how countries in Africa were formed and how their borders were affected by Western Colonisation and the World Wars. The second part of the lesson involves a brief discussion over some of the well known problems in Africa such as Civil War, Corruption, HIV, Poverty and Famine after which the pupils will start their own powerpoint presentation describing these.

    • Word count: 1263
  6. How might enterprise education enhance the student learning in business education?

    It can be described as: innovation, risk-management, a 'can-do' attitude and the drive to make ideas happen." Enterprise at Whalley Range is "Developing business and financial knowledge, learning skills and making ideas happen". (Lecture Notes, Raffo, A, 2009) Jephcote and Abbot (2005) describe enterprise education in terms of three main strands * The development of enterprise capability o This involves handling uncertainty and change, the creation and implementation of new ideas, risk assessment and action. * The development of financial capability o This involves developing an understanding of different forms of financial services and the ability to manage personal finances.

    • Word count: 3339
  7. Examine the ways in which business ethics might be used to develop a critical dimension in Business Education.

    This left employees and retired employees with reduced occupational pensions which they would have relied upon heavily as a source of income after retirement. (Independent, 1999) Another example of illegal behaviour is the Enron scandal, in which the company falsely declared profits, and tried to cover mistakes by destroying key documentation. The end result included filing for bankruptcy and criminal trials for several executives. (Time Magazine, 2002) The elements of the A level curriculum; External influences, Marketing, Accounting and Finance, People in Organisations, Operations Management, Objectives and Strategy, Business Analysis and Change (QCA, 2006), create opportunities to include a critical dimension within classroom teaching, however, they are traditionally taught in the positive, celebratory manner.

    • Word count: 3500
  8. What arguments could you use to claim that Distance Education is the only way to provide for the world(TM)s growing population?

    Why the need for Distance Education? Not so recently, a little over 50 years ago to be more precise, through the committed response to the United Nations Declaration of Human Rights in 1948. The world was awakened to the global challenge for basic education for all and through the growing awareness have since recognized and taken responsibility for the same. It all stems from the gathering of international organizations and non-governmental organizations at a world conference held in Jomtiem, Thailand in 1990.

    • Word count: 3302
  9. Short report of Graphic interpretation

    according to the various age groups. From the bar chart, the numbers of men who have had heart attacks show an upward trend. The lowest number of men who have had heart attacks for age-group of 29 to 44 is 123 thousand. The number increases obviously in age-group of 45 to 64 which is 424 thousand.

    • Word count: 296
  10. Semiotics & Semantics of Music: Is it possible to create or experience sensations from music that have non-referenced meaning

    Further to this he stated that a sign could be motivated or unmotivated. A motivated sign would be in some way iconic or an icon, a portrait photograph or painting of a famous person, for example Elvis Presley. In this respect the signifier would represent the signified assuming the subject of the portrait is someone known who has meaning already associated with them. An unmotivated sign would work in a different way; meaning would be attached to the signifier by convention, an agreement among a community of users of the sign. A symbol would be a good example of this, for example a caricature of Elvis or further still the written words Elvis Presley.

    • Word count: 2647
  11. Can Music Be Free

    It was the Industry's misunderstanding of the situation and refusal to realize how Napster and similar file sharing software was shaping cultural ideas of property ownership that left them in some difficulty, with progressively declining CD sales and increasing piracy. The Concept of Web 2.0 Web 2.0 application Wikipedia defines Web 2.0 (itself an example) as 'the trend in the use of World Wide Web technology to enhance creativity, information sharing, and most notably, collaboration among users'. It seems appropriate to source a definition from an example of Web 2.0.

    • Word count: 7084
  12. Validity of eer Assessment

    By placing PSA within the context of 'The New Taxonomy of Educational Objectives' (Marzano, J & Kendall, J, 2007), an opportunity arises to address issues identified in their update and improvements to Bloom's original 'Taxonomy of Educational Objectives' (Bloom, B S, 1956). Bloom's Taxonomy and PSA have had significant influences on educational theory and are particularly relevant when placed under a wider umbrella of student-centred learning. Using established theory this research aims to provide a persuasive argument for the validity of PSA in turn laying the foundations for an improved understanding and timelier implementation.

    • Word count: 4979
  13. Bridging the Digital Divide

    However, as technology access improves as a whole there are a few instances where the digital divide is widening. Here's an example: students who finish their work early or are well behaved get more computer time. A few teachers are using the computers as an add-on when the assignments are done, while other teachers in the same building are ensuring every students gets daily computer time. For example, first grade students in the same school could progress elementary school, yet each could receive different exposure to technology during their elementary years. By random classroom assignments: One student could get teachers who do not utilize technology several years in a row, while another gets teachers who ensure students utilize technology daily.

    • Word count: 809
  14. How far do different theories of child development take account of social and cultural factors?

    There was a dramatic difference about the views of childhood and the attitude towards children in different cultures and in different periods of the history and are evolving in our own culture. Thus, currently, we can view childhood as a social and cultural process rather than a natural one: "The immaturity of children is a biological fact but the ways in which that immaturity is understood is a fact of culture....childhood is ....constructed and reconstructed both for and by children" (James and Prout, 1997, p.15)

    • Word count: 2010
  15. Inredible India

    India's tourism industry has had a rapid growth in the past years. This is because the government has been promoting to 'incredible India' (Web1). India is currently growing at 30% per annum (Web 1). In 2006 four million tourists visited India and spent over $8.9 billion (Web 1). As transport has got better in the past years more people can visit other countries. One of these countries being India. There are 17 major tourist attractions in India.

    • Word count: 411
  16. Education involves partnership

    For many years schools have involved parents and grand parents to help with the delivery of lessons. This has always been a success and schools have found that it encourages pupils by the sight of a new face in the class room. Now-a-days, schools and Local Education Authorities (LEA's) are striving to enhance partnerships by introducing other external agencies. There are many outside agencies that a school can access to help them promote certain aspects that the National Curriculum may not cover.

    • Word count: 4268
  17. Teacher Notes

    Personally, I would target the trail towards Year 2 children (age 6-7). I feel they would benefit the most from the contents of the trail. It is written in simple English to make it beneficial to the learner. The aim of the trail is to give the children an insight into the world they live. As it is designed for children of a young age it keeps detail very simple, and provides interesting facts and figures about different places and animals around the world. Each slide is narrated by 'Woody', a character that will excite children and engage their learning.

    • Word count: 2213
  18. 7LLS504 " Managing the learning environment " Learning outcome 1

    Smaller group work will mean that the learning is not tutor centred that they are learning from their peers. With a large group of learners it can be a difficult task to ensure that every learner is participating so the tutor will need to be careful and may need to carry out more assessments than perhaps if working with a smaller group of learners. The class in which I teach is usually used as a meeting room so I have had to utilise the space as best that I can ensuring that every learner can clearly see the board and the flipchart.

    • Word count: 2139
  19. 7LLS501 Wider Professional Practice

    Management skills will improve by achieving a level 4 qualification. The provision of courses available must become more flexible and responsive to the needs of employers. An introduction of new diplomas and apprenticeships within the workforce and a greater emphasis on vocational skills Lord Leitch concludes: "Skills were once a key lever for prosperity and fairness. Skills are now increasingly the key lever." Sir Andrew Foster was asked to carry out a review of the future role of Further Education colleges in 2004. The review identified that some strengths within his report such as a committed and professional workforce, a strong commitment to inclusion, a diversity of courses already provided.

    • Word count: 3447
  20. 7LLS505 Blended Learning

    The learners that I teach are at least level 2 so they should be able to independently access the VLE off site, however if a learner has or is receiving ALS then they will be able to use the computers in the library with supervision. Within the VLE there is a BLOG facility where learners can chat to each other about their assignments or the different subjects that are being covered. BLOG's allow learners to bond outside of the classroom and support each other this then has an effect on the actual learning environment as they work together better again this enhances their learning experience so can ensure more learning takes place.

    • Word count: 1414
  21. 7LLS502 " Continuing Personal and Professional Development

    Sir Andrew Foster was invited by the Secretary of State for Education and Skills, and Chair of the Learning and Skills Council (LSC) to carry out an independent review of the future role of FE colleges in November 2004. He invited written evidence from colleges and others, he commissioned research and had a series of meetings and workshops and visited some colleges. The Government's ten year strategy - 'Choice for parents, the best start for children: a ten year strategy for childcare sets out the Government's long-term vision to ensure that every child gets the best start in life and to give parents more choice about how to balance work and family life.'

    • Word count: 2909
  22. Castaway and Into the wild

    I agree with this, I feel anyone would try to survive with all their might. Life is not something just to throw away. Noland has experiences on the island which overall force him to survive. When first becoming stranded on the island, Noland seems terrified. It's seen as ironic because just before he was portrayed as a fearless and self-confident employee of a mainstream shipping company. Noland's first gut feeling when arriving on the island is to collect all the wreckage from his plane that floats up on shore.

    • Word count: 1350
  23. The national curriculum claims to offer a broad and balanced(TM) curriculum. Is this relevant to all students?

    The National Curriculum has been put into place in the hope that children will achieve and will have an entitlement to learning irrespective of their background, be it race, gender, cultural or otherwise. It also makes expectations for children's attainment explicit for all concerned and sets out national standards for performance. These standards can then be used for target setting, measuring progress and monitoring progression. The literacy and numeracy frameworks were introduced in the late 1990s in an attempt to further raise standards and help to improve teaching and learning.

    • Word count: 4129
  24. Understanding Children(TM)s Behaviour

    social theories; and there is an even spread of these theories between the ages of eleven to sixteen, with very few addressing behavioural or development theories. Another common theme running through the various theories is that a child learns through experience. The more variety of experiences that are available to them the more they absorb, helping them to become more rounded as human beings. Perspectives on Behaviour Behaviour can be classified into various perspectives. According to 'Perspectives on Behaviour' (2001, page xiii)....

    • Word count: 5359

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