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Abstract This report is dedicated to demonstrating and critically reviewing new features and developments happening in Microsofts new Operation System, i.e. Windows 7.

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Microsoft Windows 7


This report is dedicated to demonstrating and critically reviewing new features and developments happening in Microsoft’s new Operation System, i.e. Windows 7. The research team searches through various web resources and constructs this web site. Hopefully this web site will serve you as a one-destination date resources regarding what’s newly happening in Windows 7. The report is structured into six parts as following.

  1. Overview

The kernel of Windows 7 is largely unchanged from that of Vista. Only minor upgrade has been made. In fact, lots of Changes in Windows 7 are surface User Interface (UI) changes, which directly impact users [7].

Microsoft develops Windows 7 based on the principle of guaranteeing the compatibility of applications and devices from Vista. In this way, clients will not encounter the tortuous incompatibilities when using Vista [7]. Microsoft promises to “maximize application compatibility between Windows Vista and Window 7. The majority of applications that already work on Windows Vista will continue to work with little or no issues. [19]”

Microsoft refuses to give a timetable for Windows 7 development. However, Microsoft Professional Developers Conference indicates some phases as below [3]:

  • Pre-Beta (M3 or Milestone 3) release to developers (those that attended the PDC and / or Windows Hardware Engineering Conference)
  • Windows 7 Beta Program will begin (this possibly begins sometime in December despite Microsoft’s “fall back” date of “early next year”).
  • Open beta release (everyone who wants to try it out can do so at this phase).
  • Release Candidate phase
  • Release To Manufacturing (mid-2009 to “early 2010”)

  1. Hardware and Performance
  1. Hardware Requirement

Many people enquire whether their existing hardware will work with the new operating system. Microsoft doesn’t provide clients with specific details on hardware requirement for operating Windows 7. However, they do say “the requirements for Windows Vista and Windows 7 are similar.

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Some minor but useful changes have been made based on the desktop of Vista. These changes make the desktop interface more user-friendly. For example, the new Taskbar is a bit taller by default than the one from Vista, and it's more glass-like than its predecessor with a clear sheen that lets the background seep through; Windows Gadgets appears directly on the desktop rather than a sidebar as in the Vista, and the Peek feature will help users get to them quickly and easily; the Start Menu also has some minor changes. [8] Following are several examples.

Example 1, in Windows 7, the desktop uses a ‘superbar’ taskbar (see Figure 1.2). And jump lists are activated by right clicking the icons in the taskbar (please see Figure 1.3).

Figure 1.2

The pre-beta build did not contain the new taskbar and there have been a lot of questions about how the new taskbar will work, customized or tweaked.

Figure 1.3

Example 2, when connecting a phone to the computer, it shouldn’t be just another generic device. In Windows 7, the product icon shines through the interface to make users proud of their device (you may see Figure 1.4). [13]

Figure 1.4

Example 3, in Windows 7, your desktop is YOURS. Windows 7 will ship with specific themes users can use for their PCs or customize and create their own. 3rd parties can create custom themes for Windows 7 and let you download them. Microsoft is looking to offer theme downloads straight off of windows.com for users to enjoy (you may see Figure 1.5).

Figure 1.5

  1. Windows Sensor and Location Platform

The Windows Sensor and Location platform, which is new for Windows 7, can easily make users’ computer and applications adapt to their current environment. Location sensors (including GPS devices, WWAN radios, and even triangulation technology)

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