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University Degree: UK Government & Parliamentary Studies

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  1. British European Security Essay. COMPARE AND CONTRAST THE DEFENCE REVIEWS OF THE MID-1960S, 1974 AND 1981

    Manpower stretch was a buzz-word which implied logically the problem of maintaining commitments abroad with the current manpower. The political will was not present to raise manning levels, and indeed the services were experiencing problems with retention of the personnel they had due to the problems of maintaining commitments, along with interventions in the early 1960s such as in the confrontation between Malaysia and Indonesia, and in Tanganyika, Africa. The immediate measure to combat this in the paper was to close the garrison in South Arabia upon its independence in 1968, as well as closing the Aden base.

    • Word count: 4021
  2. What factors determine the influence of promotional interest groups?

    On the other hand, some cause groups have many members but little influence. Cause groups can be subdivided according to the aims they pursue. Sectional cause groups aim to protect the interests of a section of society. Attitude cause groups aim to change people?s attitudes about a particular issue or policy. One of the most significant factors affecting the influence of a promotional interest group is what constitutes success? However, there are certain areas which will affect the success of pressure groups.

    • Word count: 1614
  3. What do you consider to be the proper functions of a second chamber in the constitution of this country? What reforms are necessary?

    According to the Government?s proposals for reform of the House of Lords, they identified the primary functions of the House of Lords is ?to scrutinize legislation, hold the Government to account and conduct investigations?[1] This is arguably one of the most important responsibility of a second chamber in government, often providing a check for the existing government to ensure that the best decisions are made. In order to carry out these functions, there are several important qualities that the second chamber should possess, one of which the Royal Commission on the House of Lords reform in 2000 identified: the second chamber should be ?distinctively different?[2] from the first chamber.

    • Word count: 1648
  4. Summarise the principal differences between old and new Labour. Which section of the Party is now dominant? Why?

    Socialism followed core principles such as: 1. Belief in human nature: every human being is born genuinely good and it is the ?selfish competitive economic system of capitalism? (Jones, Kavanagh, Moran and Norton, 2005) that deforms this attribute. 2. Social equality: every man possesses equal rights and opportunities in life. 3. Freedom: in order for true freedom to exist in the society, the contrast between rich and poor should be less evident. 4. Fraternity: there must be an emphasis on comradeship and social solidarity instead of greed and individualism.

    • Word count: 3087

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