The Sheepfold morning in Autumn - Analysis of the visual elements of a selected image.

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Visual Studies

Analysis of the visual elements of a selected image.

I have chosen the image of ‘The Sheepfold, Morning in Autumn’ c 1850-88, by James Thomas Linnell, which can be accessed through the group folder ‘shared urls’ weather paintings by Margaret Ponsonby.  The links I have used to access this picture are enlisted below:

 click on ‘artist’ Linnell

I chose this picture, as instantly I was captivated by the photograph it gives you a sense of calm aura, and I was mesmerised the sight was so overwhelming, that instantly I chose to analyse its significance.

James Thomas Linnell - the artist came from a family of painters, his father used to compile romantic pictures and Linnell similarly followed his theme. That inspired Linnell to capture these images as he might have too been in love with the countryside.  His paintings were based in South England in Reigate Surrey.  Linnell is illustrating ‘autumn’ in the English countryside; he could have shown a busy city but he didn’t he shows the countryside and the simplicity and the beauty of the autumn month. He uses vibrant colors in the landscape.  The hard work shows the coldness of autumn, the picture is so fresh, precious, and concise. Linnell has done other paintings of the weather such as ‘springtime’ most of his pictures focus on simpleness.  He did these paintings in the mid 1800's when there was an industrial revolution where everything was fast moving and the world was changing. His pictures shows the beauty of the time because when we think about the 1850 we think of steam engines and large factories we don’t think about the beauty in that time, his pictures illustrate that which is a marvelous as it gives us a different view about that time.

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The first fixation we are instantly drawn to is the sky as it looks heavenly and ghastly it has a great impact on the picture, contrasting colours are used to show the clouds and the sun rising in autumn, is captured through the season’s predominant colours: brown, red, orange, and yellow.   Tonal variation is used you can almost see the red of the sky foreshadowing on to the ground and the tress casting a shadow.  If you look along a straight road, the parallel sides of the road appear to meet at a point in the distance, this is ...

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