Business aims and objectives.

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Business Portfolio                October 03

Part A – Aims and objectives

Mr. Laidlaw

Aims and Objectives

All Businesses exist to either produce goods (such as cars furniture and textiles) or to provide a service (drive you to your destination, i.e. Taxi). In some cases a business will provide both. In order to survive a business needs to provide a product or service that its customers are willing to pay for.


        The aim or aims of a business is a target, which it wants to achieve:  Some businesses such as those in the private sector exist to make a profit their aim to succeed is to ensure that there are costs, which are not greater than their income.

        The aim of some businesses is to expand, to be come national or international companies.

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        Some businesses aim is to sell as much of their service or product as they possibly can, or aim to beat sales of rival companies by either lowering their prices or providing better quality of services or goods. Thus providing a highly competitive business.

        Businesses sometimes will aim to provide charitable or voluntary services, services that the customer does not have to pay for.

But all businesses such as the Body Shop aim to be environmentally friendly.

In order to achieve these aims a business needs money for;

  • Raw materials – for example. Shampoo, conditioner, hair dyes ...

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