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At first clothes were probably made just to protect people from the cold. But men and women soon wanted their clothes to be more than practical, they wanted them to be beautiful too, this is were "Freelance Fashion Designers" come in, they design clothes that suit you and your needs. The more advanced a society became, the more attention that was paid to the manner of dressing.

The modern fashion business, from the design room to the store window, is one of the busiest, most imaginative and glamorous things in the world, and I hope to start my business off as a freelance fashion designer and become one of the worlds top ten fashion designers for teens. This is what I hope to do for my business planning coursework.

We are eager to set up a shop in a region were people will actually buy our product and were we no we will be able to sell our products and were there aren't any competitors. As well as selling our products to customers we will be also selling our designs to clothing manufacturing company, a wholesaler or a retailer.

we would like to achieve the following objectives for our business:

> Growth, expanding the business

> Reducing debts, if any in the future

> Beating competitors

> Offering Verity of choices

> Increase in market shares

> To become a leading fashion outlet

The business will differ from my competitors, as it would have a much wider range of choices in clothing for both girls and boys, so it is not bias's.

we have decided to rent out a store and set it up close to, Greenwich, the reason we have chosen Greenwich is because there Greenwich lacks in retail within the area, the area is known for Greenwich university and is a well known tourist attraction due to the cutty Sark and the Greenwich pier. As its close to the university it's likely to attract students as well as tourists.

the cost of renting out our store is
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Pest and Swot analysis

A PEST analysis is also sometimes called STEP, STEEP or PESTLE analysis. It looks at the external business environment. Pest stands for:





These are all elements that may have an effect on our future business.

Political factors - can have a direct impact on the way the business operates. Political factors also include issues that affect your product line. The political arena has a huge influence upon the regulation of businesses, and the spending power of consumers and other businesses. You may need ...

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