Evaluate the external corporate communications of Asda and Tesco.

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On evaluating Asda and Tesco and comparing and contrasting the two organisations on their corporate communication with their customers and the differences in the how the two organisations communicate with their audience and which organisations corporate communications is most effective.

  1. Advertising – This is a form of promotion where a business will advertise to let people know about their product whether it is on TV, leaflet or email. This form of corporate communication is directed at customers or potential customers. Advertising can be used to show promotional offers or new products and even when a company is introducing a new service.  So if Asda and Tesco’s advertise would be to promote their products, introduce a new service, and to pro+mote new offers.

These are leaflets form the two organisations Tesco and Asda. They are very similar in how the two organisations have set them out in due to them being similar businesses and more or less providing the same service as each other they are similar in design.

The purpose and audience of both the leaflets is the same in the way that they are promoting new offers that they have but the products that they are offering may differ the audience slightly because Asda have alcohol which under 18s can’t buy.

The message given by the Asda leaflet is that they are trying to show everyone the offers that they have available in store and in a text box they have written the word “Free” bigger than “Buy 1 get 1 free” because they want to get the reader’s attention so they read the whole thing because they know that it’s not going to be free but something in that is free. The message this give is that the reader thinks that nothing is free thus reads the whole thing to find out.

The pictures that have been used are of the products that the two companies are offering and where the Tesco advert has a small print the Asda does not.

The layout of the two is that the Asda advert is too clustered and it is al squashed together where the Tesco is separated and there is not much writing in it so people don’t just look at it and think there is too much to read.

The one thing that is similar is that the formatting of the text colour it is the same in white. This is because white is a really good colour and it goes well with all other colours and stands out on almost all colours that are dark.

The text formatting white colour is only on one colour which is orange, this is there corporate colour. The format of the text goes well with the orange background is aesthetically appealing to potential customers.

Join now!

Both the leaflets have used images because of the form of the advert because it is a leaflet and the minimum to do on a leaflet would be to have at least images if nothing else to make it aesthetically appearing which a major aim when making promotional material.

The overall appearance of the leaflets is generally the same and in some aspects the Tesco leaflet is a little bit better.

  1. Mission statements – The mission statement for a company is a short summary on what the company is about and what the values of ...

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