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Explain the points of view of different stakeholders seeking to influence the aims and objectives of two contrasting organisations.

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Explain the points of view of different stakeholders seeking to influence the aims and objectives of two contrasting organisations. Tesco Tesco have many aims and objectives, their main aim is to make a profit as they are a profitable organisation. Some of their aims are: * To further grow the Tesco UK market * To grow and maintain the current no.1 retail in the UK * To grow their retail services in all their markets * To maximise there sales * To outshine their competitors and remain the market leader * To create value products for their customers * To earn lifetime loyalty of their customers Their objectives are: * Maximising sale which means they'll be able maximise their profit at the same time. They could do this by promotions and cut backs on their prices to bring customers * Low price is always good for Tesco as the customers like it with good quality products. To keep the price low Tesco buy their stock from the manufacturers instead of the wholesaler who are selling the goods a bit more than the manufacturers * Tesco are trying to make and promote healthier products as customers are more worried about what they are eating ...read more.


They are only there to make money so if they start losing money they will back out and sell their shares. Tesco's aims and objectives to the suppliers: * They need to make sure that they are paid on time, or when agreed * The suppliers need to make sure they deliver on time and keep to deadlines * Tesco need to make sure they choose the right supplier for them * The suppliers need to make sure they deliver high quality product to Tesco The suppliers are an important part of Tesco as they are the people who supply Tesco with the products they sell. If the right supplier is not chosen then there will not be a good relationship and then the aims and objectives will not be met. Tesco's aims and Objectives to the Competitors: * To be able to match or undercut their prices * To be able to stay on top as market leader * To make sure that Tesco have the best deals so that the customers stay shopping at Tesco The competitors are the people who determine Tesco's prices and what they should be price their own products at, as Tesco want the best price and will undercut any other bid supermarkets. ...read more.


British Red Cross aims to the Government: * To distribute the money in a way that makes the most of what they've got * To help people in communities that need extra support * To help as many people in crisis as they can The government give the British Red Cross money in order to help people in bad situations; by giving them money it means they can help as many people as possible. British Red Cross aims to local businesses: * For the business to support the charity and donate money * In return the British Red Cross will advertise they have donated which looks good for the businesses Businesses like to support charities as it looks good on them and also they support what the charity stands for, so it helps everyone out. British Red Cross aims to the local communities: * To help people in need of help * To provide a service with local charity shops * In return they want the local community to support the charity * To help out with the charity volunteering Local communities are important as these are the people who may need help and may also want to help and support the charity. ?? ?? ?? ?? Millie Taylor M1 Unit 1 ...read more.

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