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Human Resources

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Managing Business Activities Human Resources Every business will need staff of some sort to help maintain the day-to-day running of it. Even if the business is a sole trader it will still need staff i.e. the person who is the sole trader will be considered as staff. For my business, I will need a variety of staff to help keep the business alive. As the business progresses and becomes more well known, I will be looking for more staff of higher quality or training the current staff to higher standards. If I was to hire the highest quality staff I could find at the start or spend lots of time and money training them, which lose the business a lot of money, and the business will need to retain as much money as it can during the first few months, as the business will still be establishing itself. The business will employ many full-time and part-time staff. The part time staff will be needed when there is a big event on and a lot of custom is expected. Firstly I will need the bar staff and chefs to get the business under way, the chefs will have to be already trained but training will be provided to all bar staff who require it. ...read more.


It is also important to get the right staff in as well, because if somebody who has had no training or experience in the kitchen was trained as a chef then there could be an accident in there, resulting in health and safety checks being carried out by authorities on the business. Possibly resulting in a fine or closure of the business. Aside from that if the chef is poorly trained then complaints from the customers could be received resulting in a loss of custom, which is directly proportional to the amount of money the business is receiving. Physical Resources With the physical resources I will not have to spend too much money on refurbishments as the building I am leasing has already recently had a major refurbishment, so the only money I will have to spend on that is to add the personal touches. http://www.booker.co.uk/downloads/Summer%202007%20Master.htm Item Cost (�) Amount Retail Price (�) Profit Per Item Overall Profit Total Price (�) Guinness 118.09 2.60 Triple Crown 74.44 2.30 Strongbow 107.50 2.30 Carling 109.58 2.40 Grolsch 124.25 2.60 Mitchells & Butcher 81.68 2.00 Bacardi Breezer 28.11 24 x 5 2.40 1.23 147.60 Budweiser 26.61 24 x 5 2.40 1.29 154.80 Holsten Pils 26.98 24 x 5 2.40 1.28 153.60 Smirnoff Ice 28.79 24 x 5 2.40 1.20 144 Newcastle Brown Ale ...read more.


By using the above services and sources of money for the business it will help to achieve the aim of creating a business, which provides a sports orientated atmosphere as I have chosen the things that will give me the most money, which will therefore be put towards making the business better for the customer. Quality Assurance Staff will also have to smart and presentable as if they are not it might attract the wrong sort of people in. There will be back checks on all staff to make sure they are suitable for the job at hand. I will choose my suppliers on recommendation from other business managers. I will be looking for price, quality of goods and also the range of goods, which they have. For the cleaning company I will have a look at past reviews on how reliable and productive they are, not just on price alone, because if I choose a business which is very cheap the chances are the quality will not be the same as a business who charges maximum price for there services, but then again my business will not be able to afford such services. Unit 3 Page 1 of 4 ...read more.

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