Investigating recruitment & selection - Unit 13, P1

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To: General Manager

From: Agne Lidziute

Date: 28/06/09

Subject: Recruitment Planning

Terms of Reference: I have been requested to write a report about two contrasting organisations and identify how these two organisations plan their recruitment campaigns, including both internal and external sources.

1 Procedures

Managers of the two organisations that have been selected were asked in order to find out more about each organisations recruitment processes. Moreover, an internet research was carried out in order to develop my own knowledge about the recruitment processes in markets that the two organisations are operating in. the organisations I decided to talk about is retailer Mexx and University of Greenwich.

2 Findings

2.1 Mexx.

2.1.1 Reason for Vacancy. Mexx always carefully identifies all the reasons for a particular vacancy. This is because recruitment process is quite expensive and consumes lots of time. For example, one of Mexx managers goes on maternity leave, for this reason the business has to recruit someone to take this place or restructure the staff. Whichever is more efficient and convenient for the business it will go for it. Mexx has to find someone to take the leaving manager’s place due to managers position is very important and influences the whole team and even the business. As Mexx does not want to face any problems with employees or financial insufficiencies it has to replace the manager’s position as soon as possible.

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2.1.2 Internal Recruitment. When Mexx identifies all the reasons for a vacancy it has to come up with decision whether to recruit internally or externally. The business prefers internal recruitment due to the person is already familiar with the market and has the skills required. Moreover, Mexx advertises internally (through company’s email, staff notice board and team talks) first due to the company wants to give a chance for the existing employees to get promotions and show what they can do even better. In other words it encourages a career progression. The benefit for the company is that the employees ...

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