Investigating recruitment & selection - Unit 13, P2

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Comparison of the Purpose of Different Documents

In this part of the assignment I will be comparing the purpose of different documents used in a selection process of Mexx. I will be identifying letter of application, application form and curriculum vitae. Later on I will be explaining the purpose of these documents as well as how interviewers might use these documents.

Letter of Application

A letter of application is a document sent with person's curriculum vitae in order to provide highlight all the positive aspects of the applicant and the special skills that they have. Moreover, a letter of application provides detailed information about why a person is best qualified for the role he/she is applying for. As letter of application will be considered firstly, it has to be interesting in order to make the employer want to read person's curriculum vitae. Effective letters of application explain the reasons of interest in a specific organisation, in this case it is Mexx, and identifies person's most relevant skills and experiences. The bad thing is that not all letters of applications are made at a high quality and will simply be dismissed even without bothering to consider it. This is because as Mexx needs to find the right person as quick as possible it will not want to bother going through ineffective letters. That would be just a waste of company's time and money.
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The difference that occurs between letter of application, curriculum vitae and application form is that letter of application together with curriculum vitae is more formal than application form so that makes the whole recruiting process to be more formal and outstanding meaning that the whole recruitment process is more professional and carried out in a professional way.

Application Form

Application form is a form used in recruitment process to enable candidates to supply information about their skills, qualifications and experiences. However, application forms cannot discriminate applicants according to their background, sex, age, ethnicity etc. This is ...

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