A Human Resources Management Plan and Job Aids 

I am John Ward , and I am the CEO the chief executive officer  senior executive for the Department of Labor Resources other division, in the company within the Offices of John and Jay Human Resource and Management solution Over the next few moments I will explain the benefits we provide; also I will discuss the assets we can provide for the company. The offices of J&J   management had preformed work for many years and service major retail firms such as Macys, Gucci, Dior, and some police department; we have been in business for 15 years and providing the best services possible. We are currently tiring to expand our company overseas for international services. The division, in which I am affiliated; the Department of Labor Resources, goals are to provide available resources and training for small and large firms such as yours, with aspirations of providing companies with competitive advantages and profitability. Our department is highly recommended by various firms (both small and large) in which, we have provided tremendous services. We provide similar resource such as job analysis, tip on hiring scripting and new employee hiring and proposal for training..

Our services will benefit both the company and the employees with available resources, tools and practices in employee training and development. Within this summary, our goal will be to provide your company; in particular your human resources department, with adequate, resourceful, and reliable information to aid to the decision of considering our company’s resources in effectiveness within human resources management. Below, you will find a table of available aids, which will be, presented throughout this summary. The available aids will describe how they would be, implemented into your company’s strategic plan for effectiveness and development. Please be advised that the PowerPoint presentation will be, presented separately; however, it will be listed together within the table. Please view the table below.

Table One

Tips for the Selection Process

As described above in table one, the tips for the selection process fits strategically into a company’s overall plan by knowing, analyzing, and examining the process of employment for the position of a human resources manager. Within this process, human resources will be able to know and understand the internal and external recruiting methods, organization of the interview process, and the descriptions of compensation, along with the incentive and benefit plans, for the position of a human resources manager. The selection process described within this summary will be, labeled within sections for clarity and profession. Section One-A describes the recommendations of both external and internal recruiting methods. Please view the section below.

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Recommended Recruiting Methods

The advantages of recruiting, is that a company can use both internal and external recruiting resources for acquiring effective employment positions for potential employees. In this case, we will be analyzing both methods for the position of a human resources manager for within your company. Depending on your company’s budget, we will be able to provide cost-effective solutions for recruiting in-house and out-house employees. In addition, each method or resource described is, designed to reach hundreds, if not thousands of potential employees for this position. Please review the methods below.

Recruiting Methods


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