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Pestel and Swot analysis for a sandwich shop.

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Political - The Government encourage us to be Healthier, Especially children. To try and reduce obesity in the country, due to bad eating habits. TAX ratings that you have to be aware of when serving food must be aware of these so you know your ideas will work or not.- 20% Eat In food, 20% Hot take away, Cold 0% Economic - Lots of competition in the market, saturated market. (Gain customers by stealing them off rival companies. Since the market can't get any bigger.) Recession - less disposable income available (make their own produce to save money.) price sensitive, 2.67M unemployed in the UK means that there are less job opportunities around and people have less money to spend. Social - More Food programmes on TV, stressful lives less time on our hands, change in eating culture, we eat more foreign foods - We eat more fast food/convenience food, Fast Food not only for young people but for every one of all ages. ...read more.


This can lead to loss of income. SWOT Strengths - If they have a good reputation such as being a clean place they will attract more customers. If they make their own produce it will save them money and make them more profitable. If they have staffs that are happy working there they are more likely to represent the company in a more positive way. This will make it more likely for the business to grow. Weaknesses - If they have a bad reputation such as there litter being seen all over the streets they will turn off potential customers' visiting there. If the staff there are not happy working there they will represent the business in a more negative way. If they have to buy in produce from elsewhere this will make the business less profitable. Opportunities - If technology improves they are more likely to be able to bring out new and different products which should increase sales. Also if their market grows they are more likely to become more popular. ...read more.


Measurable - They can measure how well there doing by looking at the business sales records and finance records to see if they are profitable or not. One thing Whites want to do is to make more money so you could compare how long White's open and the revenue made. If it has gone up by 10% that would mean they have made profit. Achievable. They must make sure they advertise their product so that people our aware and buy their products. Also they should spend money on market research and listen to the feedback they get so they can improve. Whites should also recruit some more staff in the long term but in the short term they will work the extra hours in with overtime from them and the staff. Realistic - For Whites this would be realistic as they can afford the extra costs needed for the extra hours for people to recognize Whites and for them to shop there. Time - They should aim to achieve these targets within 2 months and review the results. ?? ?? ?? ?? Joe Thompson P4 ...read more.

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