The activities of Chelsea Village I have discussed the stadium and the other businesses but what are their activities? Chelsea F.C and businesses obviously aims to create a profit and to gain customer satisfaction

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Introduction to Chelsea village

On the 25th of November we went to Chelsea village. We visited the Chelsea Mega store and looked around the football stadium. Then we toured around the stadium and saw models of the two mini stadiums one old and one new. We looked around all the stands and visited the press room. We also toured around the changing rooms.

Introduction of valley grown salads

As part of our business studies assignment we visited valley grown salads. Valley grown salads are suppliers of high quality fresh produce from around the world to leading U.K supermarket clients. Valley grown salads, a family business founded by brother’s jimmy and Vince Russo, has been growing a reputation for quality over the last two decades. Valley grown salads now supply produce twelve months of the year. The company has used its knowledge of the Mediterranean growing region.

The activities of Chelsea Village

The view from a helicopter, Chelsea village hotel can be seen, and the football pitch.


Facts of the stadium

The current capacity of Stamford Bridge, Chelsea football club’s stadium, is 42,522 and the ground has gone from being an oval shape to 4 sided pitch. Stamford Bridge is currently the largest football stadium in London and one of the best stadiums in the country and Europe.

Other Chelsea-owned businesses on site

As well as all the work on the stadium itself the whole 12.5 acre site has seen the building of Chelsea Village. A leisure and entertainment complex housing 2 four star hotels, 5 restaurants, conference and banqueting facilities, nightclub, underground car park, health club and business centre. It has come a long way since the original football stadium was built in 1876.

The activities of Chelsea Village

I have discussed the stadium and the other businesses but what are their activities? Chelsea F.C and businesses obviously aims to create a profit and to gain customer satisfaction or ‘goodwill’ businesses like the burger bars aim to provide high-quality fast foods for the fans and to create a profit. Chelsea village F.C aims to win all their major trophies and tournaments, for example the champions league or the FA cup. If they fulfil this aim then they will gain a profit from prize money and so on.

The role of the Chelsea stadium is to make a pleasurable experience to the fans and the footballers, for example Chelsea F.C have inserted under pitch heating so if it rains the pitch will be playable later – this is to avoid disappointments to the fans and the players. Match day is important for both fans and players. Fans get on the correct side of the pitch and there are facilities available e.g. burger bars etc. the players get changed in their changing rooms; Chelsea’s changing rooms seem much nicer than the away teams! Then they are ready, there are live TV broadcasters from sky sports or Chelsea TV to record the footage to fans at home. Before the match security guards are brought in for a deterrent to football hooligans. After the match it’s the big cleanup – 40,0000 persons litter all over the stands need to be cleared up for the next game or stadium tours. Then it starts again, there are many games a year from the FA cup to the Worthington cup. To get into the champions league means potentially a lot of money involved, Jose trains his team hardest at this point to keep them in good form to win. Chelsea F.C have their own stadium as a means of training however, Jose has recently bought a new training ground at Cobham in Surrey but sessions are not open to the general public at the managers request.  Special open days are organised at Stamford Bridge when fans can see the team train.

The role of the 2 Chelsea village hotels is to provide one of London's most prestigious health clubs and spas. The Club's 40,000 foot of space is totally dedicated to offering its members, weather fans or footballers, the ultimate in fitness and relaxation. There are 273 four-star, air-conditioned rooms, with high-speed internet, and 21 conference rooms and five restaurants and bars. Restaurants include a fish-only restaurant and a grilled only restaurant, the role of these is provide a selection of fine diners for the wealthy executive fans or business men/women. The overall hotel has an excellent service and entertainment opportunities. This modern hotel has rooms for contemporary style, and a new executive lounge. On-site parking for 180 cars is also available. There is an underground nightclub adjoined to the stadium it self it is called the ‘Purple Nightclub’ it has been described as ‘Chelsea's most exciting nightclub’ Purple ‘s luxurious venue can occupy up to 600 people, this is for the wealthy business people/fans.

The role of the Chelsea village Mega store is to sell products, merchandise, only related to Chelsea football club weather it be the Chelsea football game or the Chelsea F.C’s latest football strip. There are other businesses, for example, burger bars that are there to sell fast food to the hungry fans of Chelsea F.C and the away team. Chelsea football club also has financial services to offer to their fans, not only the fans but anyone can acquire a Chelsea football club credit card, this may be more a fashion statement than a credit card but their rates e.g. their APR rate are reasonable. They also do savings and mortgages.

The activities of Valley Grown Salads

Valley grown salads aim to maintain their business, they have said, they would not like to expand their business at the present time. They thrive to produce high- quality fresh produce to the supermarkets; waitrose and Sainsbury. They aim to increase their goodwill and reputation for supplying the best.

 Valley Grown Salads are suppliers of high quality fresh produce from around the world to leading UK supermarket clients, including waitrose and Sainsbury. Valley grown salads only sell tomatoes, peppers, cucumbers and aubergines. They are committed to enforcing high standards for their customers and their consumers, offering a reliable and flexible service that delivers the freshest products available. They grow from many different countries from around the world including Spain and Israel, in order to bring their customers the best quality product available for whole 12 month year. Valley grown salads grow their own vegetables and package them. Valley grown salads also maintain and operate company owned transport fleet – this includes refrigerated lorries. Valley grown salads maintain 220,000 plants. Valley grown salads owns more than one little nursery: they own Valley Grown Salads –this is a 26,000 sq ft packaging facility and refrigerated storage and the pick up point for Lorries. They also own Valley Grown Nurseries – This is a 10 acre glass house which grows 220,000 plants which is equipped with ‘energy efficient thermal screens’ also, in this nursery they employ 10 staff on full time. They also own Nature Choice – This business is in south east Spain which only grows peppers, cucumbers and aubergines, which has 600 acres of available growing area in this sector. This sector of VGS also has 16,000 m2 of warehouse packing space. In this location they employ 230 staff of this there are 3 quality control teams with full traceability systems. Valley Grown Salads are partners with Edom UK, in Israel – this sector of VGS is based in Israel, they supply premium quality peppers for UK markets. In partnership with Valley Grown Salads packing operation with 7 Israeli growers. VGS packaging and transport: the product, peppers cucumbers, tomatoes or aubergines, are received into their pack house in Nazing, where it is placed in their ‘glidestock’ racking to ensure perfect stock rotation. The desired product is stored there in their high humidity refrigeration area before production. The products are then graded, for example a small pepper would be downgraded because of its size, packed and distributed to customer depots. It is then assessed by ‘auditors’ before it leaves. When an orders is placed, it can be distributed maximum twice daily by VGS transport fleet, this includes refrigerated Lorries, to ensure maximum freshness for the customer in store, Sainsbury or Waitrose. Because VGS have overseas plantations the lorry drivers carry hand-held blackberry PDA devices, these can assess traffic or weather conditions therefore it is useful to the driver.

Will Chelsea need to expand or change in the future to follow their aims?

At the moment Chelsea F.C are in full swing. Critics and bookmakers predict that Chelsea F.C may have a chance of taking all the trophies this year. However as time goes by their team will need to change in order to maintain their winning streak. They will need to buy new players in order to keep their team sheet full of a class players, for example new players come from all over the world are making a name for themselves its up to the scouts from the club to make sure they asses the right players. Inevitably they will need to change the stadium to keep up with modern day fashion and to maintain the appeal of new players. The business like Chelsea F.C Mega store will need to change their products every month, for example the Chelsea kit will change, so they will need to display the new kit on time to keep up with the needs of the Chelsea F.C fans, also the Chelsea F.C game may also need to be adapted. In order to maintain steady profit the hotels in Chelsea village may need to be upgraded and redecorated in time to come.

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Will VGS need to expand or change in the future to follow their aims?

VGS have stated that they would not like to expand at the present moment; they are satisfied with the profit. Because VGS are the suppliers to Sainsbury’s and waitrose they made need to change if they get more demand for a particular product from the store. At the moment though, if they were to grow more vegetables they would gain a surplus of unused vegetables. Inevitably they will need to change their equipment used in the warehouses and in the glasshouses e.g. the packing ...

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