Unit 12 Investigating Internet Marketing D1

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Maha Abu Nofal        Unit 12 Investigating Internet Marketing                         R27


Tesco are offering a wide range of online services in order to have a successful business through the internet world.

Example on the services that Tesco provides:

  1. They promote their products online, which will help the customers to find more about the product and classify it as one of the best products in Tesco.
  2. They have online chat, which will help the customers to have online conversations with the staff to ask them questions about certain products.
  3. Digital complaint is one of the main services, because customers will need to have the opportunity or the chance to complain about certain product.
  4. Up to date information is another service that Tesco provides. Customers can benefit from it by checking all the new products that have entered the business and the prices of these products.

Tesco are operating their business online because they want their customers to benefit from purchasing products and services. Customers can benefit from using the different services that Tesco provides online such as customer’s online help, digital complains, product’s promotions and up to date information.

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Customer services online is one of the main and best services that Tesco provides for their customers. Consumers can benefit from this service because it’s a fast result service. This means customers will receive back the answers to any of their questions in few hours. For example, a customer has decided to buy a product from Tesco online but wants to ask few questions regarding the products they are purchasing, for that reason customer services will give the opportunity to the customers to speak to a member of staff in order to help them with what they are looking for. ...

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