Unit 4 P1 Explain different types of business information, their sources and purpose

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P1: explain different types of business information, their sources and purpose  

Types of information


Verbal information is literally face to face which is seen as the best way to communicate. This way there is less scope for misunderstanding and it allows for verbal and non-verbal messages.


Written information is the use of physical symbols to represent words. Words are sounds that make up speech. Other forms of physical representation, such as diagrams, graphs and charts are also types of visual representation.


On screen information may be produced on-screen. This can be seen in multimedia TV and CD-ROMs that combine text, graphics, animation, audio and video.


Multimedia information can be text, graphics, audio, animation, video, data and many more. It is media and content that uses a combination of different content forms.


Web-based information is an information system that uses internet web technologies to deliver information

Types of information used by Tesco plc


Verbal-Tesco information  


Onscreen- Tesco plc uses onscreen Communication with employees and customers for example on Tesco plc.’s website, they have a blog posted by different employees in the organisation that notify anyone that wants to know any upcoming plans in their organisation in the future or what they have achieved form those different types of employees that have specific roles in the organisation. For example Chris bush Tesco plc Manager Director, UK managed that  “Last weekend we held our third Neighbourhood Food Collection and I’m delighted to let you know that together we managed to raise over 4.3 million meals for people in need this Christmas . That’s a phenomenal amount and brings the total raised, including our 30% top-up to 10.2 million meals. It was fantastic when visiting our stores to see the generosity and community spirit shown by our customers, colleagues and volunteers.” This means that Tesco plc uses onscreen communication to communicate for external uses this indicates that  

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Multi media -Tesco plc uses multi-media that explains and shows what they do in their organisation such as corporate, careers/people, results, talking shop, downloads and Tesco and society. This is indicates that Tesco plc is using the media to show aspects of their organisation to show external groups for example every year there is results of Tesco plc’s Interim Result and Preliminary Results.

We based- the web based information is used by Tesco plc is that they have verity of different was to that provide information about their organisation such as videos, blogs, news, etc. their web ...

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