Individual Research Task - 'The Simpsons'.

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Yr 10 – Satire Task 2

Individual Research Task

This episode of ‘The Simpsons’, ‘The Fat and the Furriest’ was about Homer and a giant Grizzly bear.  When Homer is caught on tape running away from a large bear at the town dump, he becomes the laughingstock of Springfield.  Determined to win his dignity back, Homer devises a bear-proof suit that will protect him once he returns to the wild to hunt down the bear.  When he confronts the beast, he realizes the bear is only upset because he’s been tagged with a painful tracking device. Homer reverses course and helps bring the bear to safety.

‘The Fat and the Furriest’ satirises many different issues about social, political and cultural things.  In the beginning after the theme song they show the family getting onto and sitting on the couch.  There are hundreds of different ways that the characters manage to do this.  In this particular episode, they show Homer walking down a hallway by himself, through many, high security metal doors with a telephone booth at the end, which then drops him onto the couch with the rest of the family.  This is the same beginning (with theme song) that is featured in every ‘Get Smart’ episode (a comedy TV show from the 80’s).

Another thing that they satirise is the stupidity of men, through the stupidity of Homer and Bart.  On Mother’s Day morning, the kids and Homer discuss what they got Marge for Mother’s Day and this is what happens:

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Homer: Well…what did you get her?

Lisa: I picked mum a bouquet of erigeron elodeas... (Homer & Bart stare with lost expression)…daisies… (Homer & Bart still staring)…flowers… (Homer & Bart still staring)…mmmm… (Lisa gestures flowers towards them)

Homer & Bart: Oh…!

Even in the simplest terms (i.e. “flowers”), Homer and Bart had no idea about what Lisa was talking about.  This shows that they are really stupid and could reflect the stupidity of men in society, especially those who don’t think before they say or do things.  They also satirise the stupidity of cops, as seen in the seen with ...

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