It is important that Sarah is blind having access to speech and Braille output devices. But access to this assistive technology is not enough. In order for them to benefit fully from this technology, the educational software, applications software

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Special Needs - Student at college - unit 3c


Today, technology plays a role in almost all educational, employment, and recreational activities. I am going to write about a disabled student with a blindness problem are studying in college, she is 17 years old and she called Sarah. She has a learning disability which affects seeing processing. Like many students with invisible disabilities, such as learning, he is sensitive to the attitudes and perceptions of member classmates and instructors about his need for a note taker in class. She is unenthusiastic to announce this need among his classmates, fearing perceptions of special treatment, invalid reasons, and negative stereotyping. At first the college said that it would be not appropriate for her to go as she has a learning disability.

On the courses of her choice, creatively using technology to support her studies.. As well as writing assignments on adapted computers, Sarah uses technology for taking notes and accessing prospectus materials. And with effective use of the Internet she can access materials and information previously available only in print. Her blindness problem will benefit having her adapted computer system for her class work, home work and this may be portable. In addition, there is often the requirement to make use of college systems to access Intranet materials and Virtual Learning Environments. The difficulties she experience on a daily basis because of her problem.

Special Needs - Student at college - unit 3c

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Sarah needed to obtain lecture notes as a somewhere to live. She was too embarrassed to make such a request of her classmates. Although the student disability resource centre had provided paperwork and approval for financial damages for a note taker, nearly two weeks had passed and still no classroom volunteers were identified.

There were several ways about Sarah’s problems in classroom. For example she had to read by hands from the book in this collection. She couldn’t read them on-line if she owned or had access to a paperless. Braille Display device, she couldn’t download them to read off-line either in hard-copy Braille or by loading them in to devices such as Braille note takers. She couldn’t find individual parts of a book, an individual book, or an entire collection of books by a specific author simply by selecting the appropriate links on the specified pages.

 Braille means so much to her, but if she had to summarize it in one
word it would be "independence". The first thing that she did when she learned
the Braille alphabet was label her collection of cassettes. However, she creates a
phone book in Braille. It wasn't long before her treatment teacher introduced me to the Braille. The Braille fascinated me. I would sit down and write letters to everyone that they would work out. They were all impressed. Several months later, I thought to myself, "Why stop now?" and I learned Grade II Braille. The newest entries in my phone book are in Grade II Braille. It is in her computer to label her works. And of course, it has played a valuable role in her return to college. She uses Braille to summarize her reading assignments, to make flashcards, and to label her classroom materials. At this time, she is not talented enough in Braille to allow for her school texts to be in Braille. She doesn’t think that she would ever try to read a book in Braille. Braille has been essential in her professional life. Not only has her ability to read and write allowed her to mix skilfully and confidently in different work and intellectual environments, but it has helped her express herself in written form and perform any number of tasks, ranging from drafting the minutes, reports, and all other documents associated with serving as secretary of the board, to public speaking and teaching, in which she uses Braille at college, read out full texts, and engage in other intellectual activities.

It has been extremely important for her to be able, through her texts and intellectual production, no matter how modest, to reflect her own, as different to others', professional personality, to fill her writings with her own personal touch, to express myself as a thinking being, a participant in society; and if my authorship is recognized, to know that it's not only because of my capacity to write but for what I have to say.

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She can hardly fail to mention the important role that Braille has played in the development of her main pastime. Her greatest satisfaction is to be able to read

musical scores and memorize them to play the piano without missing a note. And how could she think what Braille has meant in her everyday life. I use it to bit down telephone numbers and addresses, mark her belongings and other articles, and take messages, write appointments into her calendar, and note important information, all of which will provide her a good deal of personal independence.

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