9. Explore the impact of social, cultural and historical conditions on the work

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9. Explore the impact of social, cultural and historical conditions on the work

As a group, the way we developed our play all connected to the social and cultural issues that we are aware of and can relate to. In many ways when we were developing our characters we often looked for a way of relating the situation to something we knew so that we could understand the emotions. The initial knowledge we had on our subject matter developed from things around us that we were influenced by, for instance the culture we live in. Our whole piece was influence by our own social and cultural backgrounds, even when we weren’t aware of it, many decisions we made relate back to this.

Various playwrights and theatre styles had an influence on our play. Brecht's principal concern is to put over a message in such a way that an audience can be in no doubt as to the intentions of the performance. We wanted to also make sure our audience was in no doubt as to the intentions of our performance. Brecht was a key influence when devising our play. Many parts of the play are very abstract and involve a very epic theatre approach.

As our play was an ensemble and we were all working together, we took this idea from Stanislavski in to consideration when performing. Stanislavskian theatre acted as a foundation for our notion of naturalism. Stanislavsky spoke of the all-important ‘Rehearsal Process,’ in which it is essential for an actor to turn into the character however uphold the understanding that there is a specific division between themselves and the character they play. Individually I tried to follow this by slowly working through the scenes and therefore carefully attempting to develop my character and understand it fully.  We specifically made the characters have there own unique speech and movement in the scenes we created. Stanislavksy’s concept of the Rehearsal Process” helped me get in to character and enhanced our play with an overall more naturalistic effect.

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In drama we have also studied Alan Ayckbourn’s play ‘Absurd Person Singular’. In this I saw how he uses offstage characters in order to create added comedic effect. This technique we decided to use in our comic scene, where the offstage character (Peter) adds comedy to the scene and also has an impact on the timing and the audience’s attention.

After studying the stimulus we were given, we decided to focus on our initial ideas and fully develop them in order to expand and express our ideas. By having lo of people in our group it enabled us ...

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