Describe how the presentation of the fairies in the film version of ‘A Midsummer Night’s Dream’ relies on it’s medium as a film, compared with a stage play

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Shakesphere: Describe how the presentation of the fairies in the film version of 'A Midsummer Night's Dream' relies on it's medium as a film, compared with a stage play.

Having watched the film version of the play 'A Midsummer Night's Dream' it's obvious that the fairies have been presented in a more modern setting than in the play that Shakesphere wrote. Michael Hoffman, the director, set the play in the nineteenth century Italy rather than ancient Greece.

The director, Michael Hoffman has made the play more modern to influence the audience. Michael Hoffman has also changed it because he wants the play that he is directing to be 'personalized' and make it more appealing to the modern audience today. Over the years things have been updated. For example. He put bikes in the play, but Shakesphere didn't intend to put bikes in the play because they weren't invented in the time when Shakesphere wrote the play.

Michelle Pfeiffer plays Titania who is queen of the fairies and the wife to Oberon. Calitsa Flockheart plays Helena. Rupert Everett plays Oberon who is king of the fairies and husband to Titania. Stanley Tucci plays Puck who is a mischievous fairy and a servant to Oberon. These famous actors are made up of Hollywood stars, Soap stars and T.V. stars. The actors/actress of the cast have different parts according to their status. The kings and queens are made up of Hollywood stars. The next main parts in the play are made up of T.V. Stars. The next main parts are made up of soap stars. The actors are dressed in opulent costumes. The fairies are dressed in different clothes to the people. Immediately the audience feels the difference between the two types of species. The fairies have inhuman clothes to match with the human looks. They wear leafs. The people are dressed in everyday clothes. The ladies are clothed in dresses. The costumes differ to what Shakesphere intended for them to wear. This is because of the modernization of the play. The males are dressed in suits.
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The music in the play reflects different parts. Gentle music reflects a calm gentle feeling. Rough music reflects a dramatic scene.

In the beginning of the film when the title 'A Midsummer Nights Dream' comes on, fireflies, which are fairies, are flying across the screen. The music is specialized for the fairies. In the play Puck says 'I'll put a girdle around the Earth in forty minutes'.

Puck means to say he can go around the Earth in forty minutes because the fairies can change in size. Puck believes he can do this. Oberon, in the ...

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