Gladiator chapter 4 -The after war party.

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Gladiator chapter 4-The after war party

The establishing shot first used in this scene shows many different people wandering around lots of tents, it seems like the camera is tinted by an orange filter giving the scene a warm and friendly feeling. It makes a contrast to the earlier scene were it is freezing and brutal, were as now everyone is warm and talking. The shot then cuts away to one of the tents showing that there are lots of people in side of it, perhaps this is the biggest tent and so the livelier and the most interesting. Yet still the audience the audience is left wandering just exactly what is going on. The camera zooms in very subtly and gently as though the audience is a guest and is welcome into the tent. Actually this shot turns out to be a P.O.V shot as we are Maximus coming in through the entrance thus seeing what he sees.  The next shot confirms that we were seeing the party as the hero sees it, we also see his face and expression and he does not look happy or comfortable in going in there.

A medium shot shows Maximus and the person who meets him when he enters. The audience can see his face although he is not familiar the audience i=s left wandering who this man is and if he is important or just a friend of the heroes. We also see the people behind Maximus and the man, we see other soldiers still in battle dress suggesting that this is the night after the battle. We do not hear what the man says to Maximus and so suggests that he is not important merely congratulating Maximus on his victory.

The next sequence of shots is a panning shot at the same medium height, giving equal space to Maximus and his surroundings. This allows the audience to see more of the party and its guests and also a sense of the atmosphere. The scene again has this orange filter on, which gives the sense that the place is warm and cosy trying to make it more relaxed. We see people laughing and talking, and the music playing in the background is diegetic and gives the sense that there is a band playing and that there is a party atmosphere trying to make light of the early battle. And calming the soldiers. There are lots of fire torches around making the scene look warm and inviting. We can also see the hero and his expressions; he looks unhappy and is not enjoying himself. It gives the impression to the audience that this is not his kind of place.

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Maximus continues to walk, alone, and stops next to a basin. A C.U shot tells the audience that he is washing the blood of his hands, thus emphasising the ferocity of the early battle. In the water we see the water is red from all blood suggesting that lots of people have had blood on their hands in this tent suggesting that they are all soldiers. The water also contains rose petals used to make the water smell better but also to soften the harshness of the battle and make it seem like it was worth it, and to ...

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