Gladiator - Main themes of this film

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Parvinder. K. Malhi         

The main themes of this film are revenge and power, duty and honour.

The main man of the film is Maximus; he is a general in the Roman Army. He was a farmer in Spain; he is married and has a son. The emperor is a good old man and likes Maximus more than his own son. The emperor wants Maximus to be the next leader, instead of his own son Commenus. Commenus is jealous and gets Maximus set up as a traitor after killing his own father. Commenus has a sister, she wants a relationship with Maximus, but Maximus tells her it’s not possible as he is married. When Maximus finds out he is going to be executed he escapes. Then finds out his wife and son have also been killed by Commenus. Maximus starts to hate Commenus and vows revenge on him.

The government of Rome don’t like Commenus because they think he can’t manage the people of Rome. Commenus decides to have gladiator fights in the Coliseum to keep people ‘happy’. Maximus gets captured by a slave trader and gets sold to become a gladiator. He wins every fight and becomes popular; eventually he fights his way up to Rome. Maximus called himself ‘the Spaniard’. Caesar wants to meet the Spaniard and when he does he finds out its Maximus. That is when Maximus tells Caesar he is going to kill him. Caesar then finds out his sister is helping Maximus to escape and threatens her. After that he Caesar stabs Maximus in the dungeon. Maximus has his last battle even though he is wounded; he has a fight with Commenus and kills him. He also dies himself.

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In the opening of the film the producer uses warm colours, like yellow which signifies warmth, but the music is sombre it doesn’t fit in well with the colours. The music make the audience feel cold and the colours make the audience feel warm. The first image the audience can see is Maximum’s hand, feeling the bright yellow wheat fields, laughter is heard in the background, this makes the audience feel happy, sensitive and gives the sense of new life. Gradually the music gets faster and the colours get duller and darker. When Maximus arrives at the battlefield colours ...

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