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Task 3

  1. Introduction: to your report - I have selected Sainsbury’s on which I have below produced a report. In this report I have discussed 2 points: -
  • I have analysed the presentation methods which Sainsbury’s have used, which meet the needs of a specific audience
  • I also gave examples {justifications} to make my point

  1.  Terms of Reference - This report will be given to Uzma Mirza by March 2006  

1.2  Procedure - In order to complete my report I conducted secondary research.  Which can be seen in the bibliography section

  1.  Findings


Analyse, with just justification, presentation methods which meet the needs of a specific audience

It is very important for Sainsbury’s as well as other organisations to know their audience, as it helps them to use proper language, when they writing reports, letters etc. there are many ways that Sainsbury’s can use presentation methods for the company to meet the needs of a specific audience, therefore different methods suit different audiences, these are the followings: -

  • Documents
  • On screen multimedia presentation
  • Web-based presentation
  • Multilingual support
  • Audience requirements which includes age/intellectual development, use of examples- age, gender and ethnicity, special needs of audience- accessibility, language and readability, attention span, interest, presenting yourself as well as business and industry experience and knowledge


This kind of presentation methods helps Sainsbury’s to write reports, letter, and e-mails as well as send invoices to the competitors. They can also show their company information on flow charts but if their audience has problem using documents then they will have to consider using an adaptation. E.g. in their audience if someone is partially sighted, then they will want the documents like reports to be shown in bigger text as well as use a proper font to make it easier for them to read or maybe even someone could be colour blind, so to make it easier for them to read they will have to use different colours in the documents they provide.

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On screen multimedia presentation

In this method if someone is blind I mean their audience then to help them they should have some kind of moving techniques so when they press a button {mouse} then they should hear it automatically as what they are saying in the PowerPoint presentation. They can also help partially sighted people by printing extra copies of slides to look through it during the talk.

Web-based presentation

This method helps Sainsbury’s to meet their audience needs as they put their presentation on Internet or even on a company’s intranet. One ...

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