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Skill Development in acting

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Skill Development As an actor it is important that you know where your strengths and weaknesses are and that you try to play to your strengths as much as possible. However it is also important to develop ways in improving your weaknesses and overcoming them to improve as an actor. My main strengths are my use of voice and stage presence. I can use my voice to make a number of different effects and can also make my voice carry for a large distance. My main weakness is staying concentrated on stage and not become distracted. I have tried to improve this by using Stanisavski's idea of concentration circles to help me concentrate on something on stage to keep me focused especially when I am frozen on stage but need to keep alert. I also find it had to improvise my lines and act at the same time. The way I got round this is by after improvising my lines sitting down with the other characters in that scene and write out a scrip, which I then learnt and could allow me to concentrate on my actions on the stage. ...read more.


My relationship with Elizabeth is different in the two stories yet still has certain point that remain in both. In the start of the play I am very much in love with her but then the two stories split. In the story where I marry Elizabeth our relationship becomes strained I become paranoid that she is having an affair with Edward. This is due to the puppeteers influence. In the scene with Edward and Elizabeth married I become very jealous and obsessed with making her mine. My relationship with Edward in both scenes changes from being my closes friend to being seen as my rival for the one thing in the world that I want. My devised piece has given me the chance to adapt new ideas such as dance and to work with different human emotions. It is the first time I have used dance that was a real worry to me and I have enjoyed learning about Victorian England. I think playing the same character in two different stories has helped me to develop my character better. Switching from a dead puppet one minute to a human with emotions and feelings made the piece more interesting. ...read more.


We done this by when in the mortal world the character acted normally but when in the immortal world they were floppy like puppets and be manipulated by the puppeteers. We used the idea of the puppets playing a game as the reason they were manipulating the puppets, as they were bored. We wanted to try to incorporate as many techniques as possible into our piece. We decided a good way to end our piece would be to use a dance scene. As we wanted to keep to our dramatic intention in our forethoughts we thought it would be good to show how a flight between the puppeteers in the immortal world would have a mirrored effect on the mortal world. This dance happens twice in the play and is the major link between the two worlds. As we were showing physical theatre it was important that the puppeteers don't touch each other in the dance. This is something we use throughout the play the idea that the puppeteers were in control and therefore did not need to touch the puppets. As the piece goes on they become less and less in control the closer they have to get to the puppets. Finally in the last scene they actually touch the puppets therefore breaking the rules. Which adds a massive twist to the play. ...read more.

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