The rise in youth unemployment is a significant problem for the UK. Discuss

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‘The rise in youth unemployment is a significant problem for the UK.’ DiscussThe term ‘youth unemployment’ covers those aged 15-24, and it is normally regarded as a rather important issue for many governments. All those aged 25 or above are considered adult in this case.    2009 was a difficult year, especially for the classes of 2009, because after leaving school or university, they all want to kick start their careers. But instead they have had a difficult time searching for jobs which they can apply their degree to. Graduates
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haven’t had an easy ride recently because some companies have closed graduate schemes, and are looking to employ more experienced workers, therefore lowering any potential risk in their business. Many graduates are realising that today, a degree isn’t going to guarantee success in the job market, especially those who are looking to take a place in a competitive industry, such as journalism. Also, the decline in the manufacturing industry has had an impact on youth unemployment, more those without degrees (or low skills) . because jobs are difficult to get for most young people, many have to resort to having ...

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