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0% Alch. Level for Young Drivers

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Since the establishment of our country we have had many rights and freedoms as Canadian citizens. Should we feel that any of these are being taken away, we also have the right to speak up against it. I find that is exactly what is happening when the new law in Ontario passed that any driver under the age of 21 must have a 0% blood alcohol level while driving, and our right to no discrimination on the grounds of age is not being taken into consideration. In no way is this law put in place regarding driver skill, because a 30 year old may have just obtained their licence the day earlier, and would be allowed to have a blood alcohol level of up to 0.05%. ...read more.


Maybe if they are out to dinner, their date may be a few years older and be able to have that glass of wine. I find this unfair, and believe that the legal limit should be obeyed equally by all of legal drinking age. 0.05% is the legal blood alcohol limit for drivers in Ontario. This is approximately one beer a hour, which is very safe as decided by the provincial government of Ontario. If they feel this is safe for responsible adult drivers, why would it be any less safe for someone only a few years younger? It seems almost stupid to think that there will be any difference in the drivers mental awareness due to age, not even considering body weight or other factors. ...read more.


No matter the statistics, I believe under no circumstances should our rights and freedoms be ignored. Statistics show that males are more likely to get in a car accident, but you will never see a law separating male and female drivers in anyway, it would be obviously s****t and unacceptable by the Canadian people, and this is exactly the same situation but seemed to slip by. There clearly needs to be change here, as this problem was not stopped at the begging, it is not too late to make a change. It is obviously unethical to break the Canadian rights and freedoms, furthermore to discriminate against an equally responsible and possibly more experienced driving category of adults under the age of 21. There needs to be an elimination of this law to help ensure no discrimination in our nation, and possible future incidents to occur such as this. ...read more.

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