A Story from Gaza, Palestine

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  It was two a.m. in the morning when the telephone rang suddenly while the silence had the sovereignty. I got up feeling that there is something in the air since it is just the war. "Who could be this?" I asked myself, but couldn't extrapolate whom the caller was. At that time, I was really beside myself, afraid of hearing some bad news. I stood steadily, stepped forward, and answered the phone. "Hello, who is this?" I wanted to know, but that voice was so familiar to me. It was my uncle. His voice was so inaudible, and weird that I thought for a moment it is someone else. Now, I am sure that what I am going to hear will never be pleasant. "What is it uncle? What is the matter?" I said while tearing my hair out. I started to be a nag because I had got a knot in my tummy, but he did not say a word. Through his silence, it was
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lucid to figure that someone had passed away. But I still did not know who it was, and I was not even certain of that. He decided to speak, "Mohammed, you know that your cousin, Ramy, decided to volunteer to help rescuing the casualties at Al Shifaa' Hospital, but this time he could do nothing to rescue himself." Once he had finished telling these words, I was totally shocked! I sat for a moment trying to get it. I could not believe that the 27-year old guy who was more than a brother to me was gone that simply! That ...

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