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Analyse the significance of passion (in all its manifestations) for the tragedy of Romeo and Juliet

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Analyse the significance of passion (in all its manifestations) for the tragedy of Romeo and Juliet In the tragedy Romeo and Juliet there are many forms to passion; these references are made in a variety of ways, ranging from parental passion to the classic loving passion shared between two people. But there is an underlying hint right from the very start that there is an inevitable notion that this love will never happen because of the family feud. At the very start of the book, the chorus introduces the heated feud between the Montague and Capulet households. This feud has spanned a long time and is an 'ancient grudge' that has continued throughout the family, from the parents to the children and even into the servants of the households. The word 'two' is used, frequently, not just to refer to Romeo and Juliet but to show the obstacles they face to show the opposites as rivals and not just families. We see rivalry induced by the feud where servants from the two houses meet in the town of Verona. When Sampson and Gregory, servants of the Capulet household meet and clash with Abram and Balthasar, of the Montague household, the rivalry is shown from the outset, ' My naked weapon is out. Quarrel, I will back thee'. This is in the first meeting of the servants, where Sampson explains he will back Gregory if he happens to get into a fight, and surely enough, they do ...read more.


On Romeo and Julie's first meeting there is a lot of passion felt and shown, When Romeo sees Juliet for the first time, he is astounded and taken aback by her beauty, he sees Juliet 'as a rich jewel in an Ethiop's ear' and he is stunned by her. Their first exchange is filled with religious imagery, Romeo initiates it and Juliet immediately responds to Romeo positively, 'That I must love a loathed enemy' this is further on in the passage, after Juliet finds out Romeo is from a different family, but she still shows how she likes him and still wants to see him even though the family feud could, and does get them in a lot of trouble. Juliet is reminding herself that she needs to be a lady but still stays very coy and subtly flirtatious, 'Ay, pilgrim, lips that they must use in prayer'. This is when Romeo tries to kiss her and she says this as an attempt to warn him off, and he, as expected, does not take to this and carries on trying to kiss her, and she, quite taken aback by this obliges, and once again remembers she has to be a lady, but as expected succumbs to another kiss from him and has really let her guard down. But she is reminded again to be a lady, by the nurse, as Juliet has to go and meet her mother and speak with her. ...read more.


are many mentions of fate in the chorus, that the play is always going to end in death for our two heroines and that the marriage could never have worked because something, fate, was always working against them because of this terrible feud that has lasted throughout the family histories. The nurse and the friar play huge parts in the lives of the two children, they make the whole marriage happen by organising everything and help Juliet to get away from her parents, when the friar suggests drinking the vial of fluid that has the potion to make it look as if Juliet is dead and so she would be buried, but unfortunately fate was working against them once again as the letter the friar wrote to Romeo never made it to him so Romeo ended up killing himself because he saw his bride lying 'dead' before him. The nurse has been a 'wet nurse' to Juliet for as long as Juliet has been alive and she is much closer to Juliet, we know this because Juliet is much less formal when she is around the nurse but very formal around her mother by using 'thou' and 'you' to indicate formality. Unfortunately in this Tragedy Romeo and Juliet even though they had much help getting together, it is underlined by the curse at the start that because of the family feud it will never last and was always going to end in tragedy. ?? ?? ?? ?? ...read more.

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