AS English Language Short Story

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English Coursework - Short Story The clouds drew closer and the sky became duller. The light was banished from all around and the rain fell fast and hard, jumping back up as ball would, as it hit the ground. The streets lay bare and empty; the usual London bustle was nowhere to be seen. Lara paced quickly through the rain, sheltering herself with a bag, which appeared to be no use at all as she was drenched through to the skin.  As Lara arrived back at her flat, her door was ajar. “Hello?” She warily shouted. Lara jumped in fright as her mobile began to ring, but when she answered there was no reply. Still startled, her heart began to race. She knew who it was. A dark figure appeared in the shadowed doorway. With fear in her voice she exclaimed “why are you doing this to me?” She quivered, and her hands began to tremble. All she could do was anticipate what he was going to do to her. Silenced filled the air. He muttered not a word. Tears rushed down her cheeks, as his footsteps got nearer. He faced her and began to stroke at her face with his long, withering fingers. His eyes stared deep into hers, though she resisted eye contact. His hand then reached deep into his pocket and from it he drew a knife. The glistening, thorn-shaped blade pressed hard against her face. He seemed to suck all of her personal
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characteristics away. No longer was she the confident, enthusiastic girl as she just stood there quiet and timid. He strapped her down to a char and he tied her wrists together. Her brain began to flood with thousands of memories all at once. Memories she thought she had repressed. Memories she had hoped never to return. Her eyes looked as if they were stitched together because she was squeezing them so tight. She hoped that when she opened them she would be somewhere else. Somewhere where he couldn’t get her. Lara’s childhood began to flicker before her eyes. A young ...

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